23 June 2012

A Book to Read if You Love the Greek Myths

Her fourth suspension.

The visions are getting worse. The voices in her head won't go away.

Chloe Clever, otherwise known by her classmates as "Whack Job Chloe," returns to school only to end up in the Principal's office her first day back. This time for beating up Vice Principal's son. But she didn't see some kid in front of her. She saw someone else. Someone who threatened Chloe, her family, and her very existence.

Except no one else saw him. 

Resolved to probably never come back to school with her head held high again, Chloe accepts her fifth suspension and on the way to her car she's attacked again. 

And this time, nothing will ever be the same again.

My Review of Prophecy of the Most Beautiful

Immediately starting this book, I liked Chloe. I liked her personality, her fierce determination to try and not care what her peers thought of her, and her smarts. I liked her despite (or maybe a little because of) her temper as well. 

Once you overcome the initial shock of Chloe's transformed life, you are taken away into what may seem impossible (and don't we all love those types of books the most? Well, I do). You are taken to a place where the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece are real and their fashion is brilliant. And Chloe learns she is the chosen one, the Oracle.  She also learns about the voices in her head. And what those visions mean to her and this world she just entered.

I really enjoyed this book. I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I knew more about Ancient Greek Myths. Although I know a little bit about those stories, I don't think I knew enough about the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greek times to fully enjoy the references. 

I did, however, love love LOVE the romance within the book. Trust me, I'm not a big huge fan of romance novels. To me, often times they come across cheesy, overdone lovey dovey romance that doesn't seem real or bodice ripping, chest heaving types of romances you might read alone on a Saturday night. The romance in this book was done just enough to keep me interested to see if Chloe will end up with Strafford. Diantha Jones did a wonderful job of weaving the romance within to the story to entice the reader, yet not turn off the reader at the same time. It's what I'm hoping to do with my own novel, to be honest.

One extra thing that I wish was addressed sooner was what Chloe's family was told about her absence. It wasn't addressed until much later in the book, but when it was addressed it just increased the thrill of the book. So, I was glad for that.

If you are a Greek myth enthusiast, you will really want to read this book. I know you will enjoy it. If you are a bit like me and not too certain of the myths, I still suggest this book; however, have a friend nearby that knows about these tales.  Make sure to visit Amazon.com to purchase your copy of this book! And make sure to check out Diantha Jones' website, Twitter account, and Facebook Page.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book in return for a review on my blog. All  opinions are my own. I did include an Amazon affiliate link in this post.

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