02 June 2012

A Book to Read if You Still Love Fairy Tales

maven fairy godmother, charlotte henley babb
I love any book that restores my faith in fairy tales. And I loved Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil for that reason (among many other reasons on top of that).  Immediately, I related to the main character Maven, a middle aged lady who has been struggling with not only having no job, but having nearly no life. When we meet her, she lives in an old van and barely has enough money to scrounge together a cup of coffee.

And can I gush for a moment? When Maven enters the library to use the public computers, I related within seconds. It's obvious this writer spent time in her share of libraries. The ugly competition for the free computers, the sneering attitude of some librarians who have little to no respect (or liking) for their patrons, and the bad coffee. I felt like I was at home. When Maven gets jipped out of a computer, she roams around the aisles of books, where one of them promptly falls off the shell and onto the floor. "The Bump, " as the writer calls Maven's intuition, nudges Maven back to the book and when she picks it up, she discovers a five dollar bill. Enough for a treasured cup of coffee that Maven pays for quickly afterward.

What follows is nothing short of a fairy tale - Maven gets her cup of coffee and her cell phone rings. She gets an interview for a job. Luck? Definitely not. There's no such thing as luck in this fairy tale. If it's anything, it's a Fairy Godmother answering your wish, of course.

And that is when Maven gets a chance of a lifetime. She gets a chance to become a Fairy Godmother herself and she is whisked away to the other side of the veil. From the Mundane to Fiction where a cup of strong coffee is conjured up with a wave of a wand. She meets Tulip, a fellow Fairy Godmother-hopeful who desires to see if the Mundane truly does exist. She meets Fiona, a headstrong, retiring Fairy Godmother struggling to keep together the Veil and wondering what would happen to her world if it should ever fall.

And it's just the beginning of a series of troubles and dangerous circumstances when Maven gets her first chance to grant a wish.

I loved this book and should the writer ever consider writing a sequel (hint, hint), she would have this reader lined up to buy it. I loved the cast of characters, the recreation and twist to many familiar stories, and all the magic put into every word. If you love fairy tales, magic, and the idea that everyone can make a wish and not just pretty princesses (hey, trolls have wishes too, you know), than you will want to read this book. And by the way, should there ever be a Twilight Lounge that comes into existance, I would become the cool biker chick persona Maven dresses up as (you'll have to read and find out what I mean by that everyone)!

A special thank you to Charlotte Henley Babb for giving me this book to review at no cost, for restoring my faith in fairy tales and for renewing my belief that happily ever after comes in all shapes and sizes.

Click this link to check out the book through Amazon.

Disclosure: I received this book for free to review on my blog. I have also enclosed an Amazon Affiliate link within the post. 

Check out Charlotte Henley Babb's site Maven Fairy Godmother  and Be Your Own Fairy Godmother


  1. The first review on this book wasn't kidding. This book brings life back into the old fairy tales like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. It not only modernizes them, but gives you a better appreciation for what the characters in the stories must have been going through. Has no one else stopped to think how powerful a mage was the woman who saved Sleeping Beauty from certain death? And what the cost was?

    Well, if you want things like that and a heap of high fun while you're at it, read this book!

  2. Thank you, Nicole and Jeff! You have made my day!

    The mage-woman who faced the witch in Sleeping Beauty had several more encounters with her, which will begin to be revealed in the next book, That Darn Maven (working title).

  3. I guess Charlotte listened to your little hint, Nicole :) Sounds cool, I loooove fairy tales.


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