Writer's Retreat - A Bit of Short Fiction

May 8, 2012

Lisa opened the front door with the keys the manager gave her. The ancient key, the type used to open old dungeons, stuck in the lock. Lisa shoved the door with her shoulder and wrenched the key to the left. The door gave from underneath her weight and she staggered into the cabin. She went back to the door and yanked back the key.

"Wow, time to update the locks." Lisa said under her breath. She brought her bags in from outside and shut the front door behind her. Based on the dust clouds and the covered furniture, she could tell nobody used this cabin. Lisa coughed as dust rested in her throat. She understood why.

For the next two weeks, she would isolate herself in the cabin and finish her novel. Otherwise her editor might kill her. She even left her cell phone and laptop behind. Instead, she brought an old typewriter with her to finish the last portion of the book. She told her husband not to worry about her, but to leave a message with a manager if he needed her. She also told him to not need her unless it was a life or death situation. 

Lisa pulled the sheet off the couch and fluffed up the rusty red pillow underneath. She sat down with a huff and looked out the window the couch faced. Outside, there was a garden behind the cabin that led to hiking path. Lisa doubted she would use that, but if ever she needed to clear her head, she was glad it was there.
From where she sat on the couch, she spotted a closet door beside the window. 

"Hmm." Interested, Lisa stood and clouds of dust followed her from the couch. She opened the closet door and found a cement wall behind it. She groaned. "Nice decoy closet. Weird cabin." 

As she closed the door, she noticed a sign behind the closet door. "Use pin to get to the dinosaurs. Turn to the left."  

Lisa looked around the cement closet and stuck on the wall dangled a pin on a thread. She took the pin and touched the wall for where to put it. She found a small hole the size of peep hole in the center of the wall. She stuck the pin inside and turned it to the left. The cabin shook and Lisa heard a thud noise from outside. 

"Oh damn it, what the hell did I do?" Lisa leapt back and watched as the cement wall shook. Dirt and brick pieces fell of the ceiling as the cement wall fell apart in pieces one by one. Once finished, Lisa stepped forward and poked her head out of the new backdoor she created. A thunderous roar forced her to put her hands over her ears. Instead of the backyard garden, a thick jungle stretched out before her. The land reminded her of the movie Jurassic Park, except she had this creeping feeling this wasn't a movie.

This was my response to last week's Writer Wednesday Blog Hop prompt! The required words are in bold and I did go a bit over 500 words, but I figured that might be okay with everyone NOT go over 500 words (thanks Carrie...hee hee). If you want to respond to the prompt, you still have a chance. 

But, tell me, my character Lisa came across a supernatural time machine for her writing retreat vacation. What would be your dream (or nightmare) writing retreat (or vacation)? 


  1. Hehe. Oops.

    You seriously went over the word limit? You cannot make that okay - I will make that inch into a hundred miles. ;)

  2. Thank you, Nicole! Love the changes.

  3. What a fun post! And great description. You almost had me coughing from the dust. I could totally picture myself walking through there. Way to work in the dinosaurs. I love the idea of an enchanted cabin.


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