Why The Tan Lady Proves There Can be Too Much of a Good Thing

May 7, 2012
So, I know that blog title was epic long, but I couldn't think of any other title. And you know that I couldn't resist blogging about this once I saw this on the news. This woman tanned so much that she was actually banned from the tanning salon and employees have been instructed to ask her to leave if she shows up. Can you imagine tanning that much that you are banned? 

Patricia Krentcil (now given the pet name of "Tanning Lady") gained national attention after she was reported bringing her own daughter into the tanning salon. Her child developed a rash.  The school nurse noticed it and the little girl explained the rash came from tanning with her mom. The nurse promptly reported the incident to the authorities.

This story continues to receive attention, including that of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who put her hat in the ring for the "Tanning Lady" title. Check out a photo of her here.

All of this leaves me wondering though...can there be too much of a good thing? And I think that the tanning lady proves to all of us that there can always be way too much of a good thing. Always.

And she isn't the only situation that proves this either. Just take a look at our popular culture! The books, movies and music that we pay attention to. I gathered up a few examples for your enjoyment. Take a look!

First, there can be too much of blueberry gum (or in this case, just one piece):

And there can be too much of Rocky (as shown in Rocky VII)

Also, there can be too much of a book series:

(Yes, I am referring to that book series with complete total respect for this writer. But, am I the only one who thought it was a little long?)

Not to mention there can be too much of Respect (alright, you can never get too much respect, but you can get too much of the remakes of famous song Respect by Aretha Franklin. Apparently, it's considered one of the most remade songs.)

As far as our tanning lady goes, she has brought national attention to the idea of "tanorexia" but I still find the whole thing a tad disturbing. Currently, her child is in protective custody as the mother continues to defend herself and her actions while claiming she never brought her child to the tanning booth.

So what are you favorite examples of "too much of a good thing"? And what do you think of this tanning fiasco? 


  1. I am withholding judgement. She says she didn't take her daughter tanning and the attendant at the tanning salon backs that up. As long as she didn't harm her 6 year old, what she does to her own skin, as baffling as it may be, is her business.

  2. As soon as you look in any way orange, that's too much. But everyone who uses that tanning seems to look immediately orange. If you look like an extra from an 80's straight-to-VHS movie called 'Night of the Glow in the Dark Goblins,' that's not a good thing!

  3. Too funny! And that photo reminds me of why I cancelled my last tanning appointment and walked away from it forever back in 2002. There's nothing like coming face to face with a leather lady who, 10 years and hundreds of tanning appointments ago, might have looked just like you.

  4. It makes me cringe to think of the damage she has done to her skin. I would have to agree with you on stuff being remade. There's way too much of it and it would definitely serve the film and music industry (and writing too!) to actually be creative once in a while.

  5. Glad you came from SheBlogs. I am following you back :) Link up on Friday. I see you do product reviews. looking forward to following you too!


  6. Hi! I'm stopping by from the SITS Spring FLing!

  7. Land Before Time comes to mind :) The first one was good. Ugh, that lady just gives me the shivers. How can anyone think that's attractive?

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  8. HA! This is hysterical and beautifully put! Too much of a good thing can go south at some point. Thanks for connecting via iblog4me. We're happy to be your newest follower and look forward to visiting again soon!

    Happy seeing beautiful

  9. Oh my goodness! That is a horrible tan.

    I'll have to watch the videos when I get home, though. Youtube is blocked at my work!


  10. Great post, that woman really scares me...

  11. Michael Jackson in reverse.

    Love Aretha first saw her on the Blues Brother films. Fierce set of lungs that lady has.

  12. Wow! I have never seen anything like this. I don't go out of my way to tan but I do like to get a little color for summer. This is over the top.

  13. They did a thing about the tan lady on SNL.
    Too many Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween movies.
    Oh Chucky ones too.
    Too may different Barbies and Littlest Pet Shop toys.

  14. Great post! Too much of a good thing can definitely be too much. Like too much of reality shows, Kardashians and, of course, fake-n-bakes. I saw your blog on the SITS girls spring fling.

  15. About the tan issue I only have one word...asinine! kt


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