01 May 2012

What the "Hot Problems" Video Can Teach Us About Success

In case you haven't heard, this video right there is considered one of the worst songs ever. Sure, fine.  I've heard some bad singing on YouTube before. It isn't that big of a deal.

This video got over 8 million hits.

When have we gotten to the point that really awful is really good? Any old-time American Idol fans thinking of William Hung, too?

So what is it about these people? I've certainly posted stuff on my blog, and on YouTube that isn't necessarily great and wonderful and I don't have anywhere near this amount of popularity. Is there something we can learn from these people?

Of course there is. Somewhere in here is a key to success. These girls have found it. William Hung found it. Fifty Shades of Grey certainly found it, too.  No, these people may not be as popular 20 or even 1 year from now. But they experienced the type of success that most of us may never experience.

These people, and all the others like them, have something in common. What is it?

First, confidence is everything. Whether or not you have a basis for that confidence is an entirely different beast all together.

Just look at the videos of these two girls and of William Hung. And even read the interviews with E.L. James  (who professes she is not even that good of a writer). Despite what these people may proclaim, the confidence is there. Some have it spilling over so much its making the rest of us sick, some are a little more modest.

What matters most is how you see yourself. Of course, these two girls take it to a completely different level.

But in reality, if you see yourself a certain way, your behavior will exhibit that. These girls thought of themselves to be hot. So they made a video about it. Self-image is everything. If you proclaim yourself to be crap, that is what you will portray.

Have fun. 

So, no matter what you feel about these "instant" success people, you have to admit they obviously had fun doing whatever it was they were doing.  It may enrage you to think that their success was so quick and easy while the rest of us struggle each day. But, really, just try not to focus on that so much.

You never know what will "get" people.

Maybe it was the uber confidence spewed by these two girls in this video. Maybe it was the foolishness that is William Hung. And maybe it was the unabashed desire and "seven-deadly-sin"-ish quality of E.L. James. But something about them just "got" people.

They just got to us. And you never know what will do that and when. It's completely indefinable. Even if what gets to us is how much we hate it.

They never gave up.

I doubt these girls will have a lucrative singing career (God, help me, please let them not have a lucrative singing career). Obviously, William Hung is off doing something...um...else.  And it seems like E.L. James may have a successful erotic writing career ahead of her. But one thing these people had in common is that they kept trying. Even if it was bad. They didn't give up.

So today, take a lesson from the girls in the "Hot Problems" video and just remember...

Hot girls we have problems too. We're just like you. Except we're hot.

Kidding. Totally just kidding.


  1. That was hilariously bad. I think there's always been a level of enjoyment of really bad, kitsch or camp things. But we're definitely laughing at them not with them. Deluded people are funny.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

    1. Lol!!' I know isn't that sad? They do provide great fun for the rest of us though!

  2. Haha - funny and interesting post. Thoughtful too.

    I couldn't watch the whole video, it was too awfully awful to watch all the way through (unlike Rebecca Black).

    1. I remember her!! Terrible song. This one matches, except Rebecca Black had a homespun quality about her that made Hee tolerable.

  3. Love your perspective!! #Tiggerific

  4. You make some valid points. Success is sometimes gained just by confidence (and a bit of luck, too). Hard work also figures into it, too. That is why we need the power of positive to help us and to refrain from negativity. If we are surrounded by negative people, we have to look for some positive people to help uplift us. We bring to us what we are feeling and thinking. Yes, we need to increase our own positivity about self-image. I think this tends to be a problem with a lot of people, especially girls. Thanks and take care, Nicole!

  5. Discovered you via SITS Girls and I'm enjoying my read through some of your posts! Oh, and I'm now following ;)

  6. Now that reminds me of the fiasco that started right here in Huntsville - how long has it been since you've heard anyone say "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife..." Antoine Dodson blew up You Tube and then wasted his chance by riding out the cliche one-hit-wonder and not working toward earning his continued popularity. The last I heard of him was months ago when he appeared in the Huntsville Times titled "Hide yo kids, Hide yo weed" about his weekend arrest.
    I think that the never giving up part is something that people forget about, even when they actually achieve a part of their dream. These girls 'made it' and are viral now, but like so many others, do they forget that once you've 'made it' the hardest work is yet to come?

    1. Exactly!! It's like they forget how hard it was to get to that point they got! You have to keep working hard, it will benefit you in the long run!


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