07 April 2012

An Update on How Things Are Going

Funny Engrish on Miyajima

I'm certain you all were wondering how things were going. So, I decided to do an update!

And I also got a Kreativ Blogger Award (times two! Yay!) from Sandra Tyler and I got the One Lovely Blog award from Diane Carlisle. I feel so special!

First things first...how is my book going? Actually things are going okay. I'm reading through it for the first time and taking notes along the way of changes I'd like to make. And overall, things aren't looking too bad! And that's a good feeling...I don't think I will make my goal to have it done by August, but that's okay.

And in other news, I'm also working on a new poetry video, featuring one of my favorite poems I've written called, "The Library."  (In case you want to see what I've done so far, check them out here). It will probably be done by next week some time within the next few minutes (ha ha), so keep your eye out!

As for my blog, I'm pleased with the direction I've taken it. Like with anything new, I know it will evolve and  I will let that happen. I think the way I have changed things has inspired me to be more creative and less self-critical.

So, like any award there are a few rules! The Kreativ Blogger award requires I share seven facts and pass along to seven bloggers. For the One Lovely Blog Award, Diane said to share one fact about myself and share the blog award to another blogger.

Seven Facts Plus One

1) When I was little, I had a red haired doll named Baby that I adored and she went with me everywhere. I loved (love) her to pieces! And one time when I was at church (keep that in mind), a little girl came up to me and said, "Hey that doll looks like the one from Chuckie!"

2) When I was younger, I knocked out two teeth - once at a park when I was about 7 and once at my preschool. I still have a fear that one day I will manage to knock my teeth out again.

3) Whenever I get on amusement park rides, I have to have my hair back in a hair tie or scrunchie, because I have this fear that my hair will get caught in one of the rides.

4) I was actually picked last in baseball once.

5) I was once walked passed Brendan Fraser when he was making a movie in my area. It was absolutely incredible!  My shoulder actually nearly brushed passed his shoulder.

6) I once knocked my thumb into the car door jam and the nail got purple. About a week or two later, the nail fell off into my lunch bag and I thought t was a grape. No, I didn't eat it.

7) I once got on a bus and there was a woman who got on after me who reeked the bus with urine so bad that the b driver had to tell her to leave.

(BONUS FACT) 8) While I never spend more than $20.00 on jewelry, especially earrings, I don't blink twice at the idea of spending $200 + on a pair of boots.

Alright that's enough about me, time to pass along the blog love!

For the Kreativ Blogger Award I nominate...

1) E.D.  at (Not) Another Writer
2) Diane Carlisle at Are We There Yet?
3) Lara Schiffbauer at Motivation for Creation
4) Carrie K Sorensen at Chasing Revery
5) Randy Lindsay - Author in Training
6) Tom at My World in Crisis
7) Jenn at Wine-N-Chat

And the award for the One Lovely Blog Award goes to...

DBStevens at Kicking Corners.

Congrats to all the bloggers! Now its time to share about you and pass along the blog love.

I hope everyone is doing well and those writing projects and what not are going amazing! Happy writing!


  1. Oh *blushes* I'm so surprised, and flattered. This came out of left field because I read YOUR blog for advice and good thoughts, so it's really awesome to think you consider mine to be lovely. Thank you very much.

  2. I'm glad the change has worked well for you!

    I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. It reminds me to start working on my book...

  3. Thank you Nicole! :-)

    Re. #5 - I sat one table over from Brendan Fraser at a restaurant some 15 years ago. :-)


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