14 April 2012

Quit Pawing At Yourself and Pose for the Camera

Bruce and Rava are back again as part of my new, weird, potentially funny series I have added to my blog. And a simple task of posing for a Saturday afternoon photograph can't go right for them. This time I have made use of the word generator to help me tell the story of today's episode. So one old photo, five random words, and 500 words or less. (Remember - the random words are in bold.) Want to see what happened the last episode? Click here

Rava straightened out her blouse and rubbed her teeth with her finger to get rid of any lipstick. "How wonderful it is that you could rent this cabin for us, Bruce."

Bruce scoffed. "Rava, I did not vote for such a horrific looking cabin." Bruce coughed. "Not to mention I wouldn't have voted to bring your two happy hour friends, either."

Rava started pulling on a loose thread on her skirt, only to find it stretch out further with each tug. "Which is why I never gave you a vote in the first place darling." Rava looked up from her skirt, a five foot long piece of thread now in her hands. "Martha, do you have any scissors?"

"Of course I do, Rava." Martha leaned over handing Rava scissors from her handbag.

Rava cut the thread.

"Quit pawing at yourself, Rava and pose for the photograph. Henry's waiting."

"Bruce." Rava whispered.

Bruce leaned in. "What is it, darling?"

"Henry doesn't know how to hold the damn camera." She looked up at her husband, eyeballing an ink stain that colored his white shirt. "Hold still darling." She licked her thumb. "You have ink on your shirt." She started rubbing the stain.

"Rava." Bruce said, batting away his wife's hand. "Stop that."

"Don't be so brass." Rava kept trying at the stain.

"Brass? Don't you mean crass?"

Rava sucked her teeth. "Really, darling, you need a clean shirt." Rava got back in her place for the photograph. A buzzing noise caught her attention as Henry started to do the count for the photo. "Bruce."



"For God's sake, Rava, what the hell is it?"

"What's that noise?" Rava looked around, searching for where the buzzing noise.

"What noise?"

"The damned buzzing noise, Bruce. Where is --" Rava gasped. "Bruce. They're here."

"Dear Lord, Rava, what is it? What do you see?" Bruce started moving away from the camera shot.

"It's a locust." Rava moved away from Bruce. "It's going after the ink stain."

"Damn it, Rava. They don't go after ink."

"Let's go Martha, Cheri." Rava spotted Henry signaling for them to pose for the camera. "Quick Bruce! Smile for the camera!"

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