23 April 2012

Happy World Book Night (Day!)


I just wanted to take a moment and celebrate World Book Day with readers and writers and book lovers everywhere! I confess I hadn't heard of "World Book Day" before (which I feel slightly embarrassed about considering that I'm an avid book reader!). Turns out this is a UK holiday, which is probably why I haven't heard much about it before, but apparently the celebration of books is growing to be more popular in the United States. 

So, today, celebrate books. Celebrate the birth of the printed word. The practice and the ancient art of telling stories. Celebrate the dog-eared pages. The water drenched favorites that you carry around. The ones read over so many times that you find yourself reading the next word from memory. The books that crowd your shelves. The books you keep in your purse. The books loaned and never returned. The books that you have late fines over. The fresh, brand new ones that you open up and smell the binding of.  The stories that make you laugh. Make you cry. Think. Shudder with fear. Get inspired by. Learn from. Get confused over. The books that you read until 2 am because you just can't put it down. 

Cheers to readers everywhere. Cheers to the writers. Cheers to the librarians, bookstore workers, owners, and everyone else that shares this love we all have.  Cheers to the good ole fashioned printed books. Cheers to the e-books that are ushering in a new day and age. Cheers to the independent publishers, self-publishers,  standard publishers. 

Cheers to everyone who shares this love and keeps it alive. 

Happy World Book Day Everyone! 

Find out more about book day by clicking this link here. Here's a link for residents in the United States on World Book Day. 
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  1. I didn't know it was world book day either. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I confess, I haven't heard about it either until today!

  3. Had no idea. I took ethnic literature in college and that was a wonderful class and the textbook was a compilation of short stories from around the world, by authors with diverse heritages and biases. It was a great learning experience!

    Here's to World Book Day. :)

    Thanks for the reminder, Nicole.

  4. Happy World Book Day to you too! I am presently reading three. Twoo hard covers and one on my Kindle, about Queen Elizabeth II!

    And it's not just a UK holiday, but one in all of Ireland as well. My favorite bookstore is in Kilarney and its the best little place to steal away and find good books. I know - I found way too many there last April that I brought home!

  5. Oh Diane I love books like that! I love reading fiction from another culture's standpoint, it's such an interesting way to look at the world!

    That's awesome Ciss!! I'm the same way - sometimes the environment of the bookstore alone can make me buy way more than I need. :)

  6. First I've heard of it--but I will celebrate right along side with you and everyone else (even if I am a few days late!!)

    Cheers, Jenn


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