16 March 2012

How to Gain Traffic from Writing Communities

Hey everyone! Today (or...not really today, but earlier in the week; I just forgot to post about it on my blog), I guest blogged over at Bri Clark's blog on "How to Gain Traffic from Writing Communities!"

(Plus, if I get enough views on this blog post I win a Kindle! My fingers are crossed!)


  1. "WOW...you're light...but your arm is pinching my neck!"


  2. @DL - But did ya see?? Did ya? Did ya? Did ya? Huh? Huh? Huh? :)

    @Lena - Thanks Lena!! All my talk about not liking ereaders, but I would LOVE to get one! :)

  3. You seriously can't beat the feel, the weight and the smell of a book. Sorry, but e-readers, although massively light and portable by comparison, just don't have any character of a real book.

  4. Very true Mark. I will never betray my true friends - the printed word books. They will always be the real things to me. E-readers definitely won't be the same.:)

  5. Oooh --I'm going to go check it out. Trying to up my blog traffic too. Just found you on Twitter, btw, so it's working! Keep on bloggin'



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