A Complete - 100% - Change of Direction

March 26, 2012
I have an announcement to make.

Something you wouldn't have expected by a long shot.

But before I announce the change, I will tell you the why of my change.

I am being way too negative lately. It may not come across all the time in my blog, but its there.

And recently, I came across a fellow blogger that offended me. They mentioned that writers do themselves a disservice by writing about writing on their blog. This comment offended me - way more than usual blog posts do. And I couldn't move on.

Then I remembered someone making the comment to not only follow the blogs that agree with your point of view. But, follow blogs that disagree with your point of view. And boy did this one disagree with me.

Without going into the details of it, just recently I began to get upset over my general frustrations with writing and not getting published and everything like that. To be honest with you, I am a goal-oriented person and it can be great, but it can also be tormenting.

Following all of that...I realized something:

I am doing myself a disservice by talking about writing on my blog.

Now, before you jump in and say anything else...I need to tell you that I need somewhere that I don't have this same burden of expectation. I need my blog to mean something else to me. I think I am beginning to realize how much this is weighing me dow. I am constantly focusing on my weaknesses and doubts as a writer, and I think that is not helping me at all.

So, here's the fork in the road. See, there it is right there:

fork in the road, writing blogs

I was thinking to change my approach and to change my thinking when it comes to my blog. I want to finish my fantasy novel. I want to finish it without constantly critiquing and overanalyzing myself and my approach along the way. I want to enjoy myself and not worry so much about what is right and what is wrong. Not yet. I am in the editing stages, of course, and what is "right" and what is "wrong" is all about editing, but I can't do that overanalyzing on my blog. Not anymore. I think it's doing more damage than good.

So, I thought about taking down my blog completely. But that won't work, because I enjoy it too much.

Instead...I want to use my blog for the purpose I meant for it in the beginning. I want to use it for my creative expression, my observations, my creative projects, to respond to writing prompts, to show off any video projects I'm creating, and of course, to announce any big changes or successes.

I may lose followers. People may lose interest. But that's okay. This year - 2012 - will be about enjoying writing again. I found that with my fantasy book and I don't want to lose that. No more negative.

So, happy writing my fellow writers!


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. all the best.... You're a great writer, you know that =)

  2. Good for you! I believe that what makes a blog great is a writer who enjoys what he/she is doing. Once it becomes something else, that spark is lost, and readers can tell. I have struggled for over a year with my blog and finding the right direction for it. But I think things are starting to fall into place, and it feels great! Good luck with your writing!

  3. Nicole -
    I recently read a blog about Negative Thinking by another author I follow on Twitter. I'll send the link over to you. Anyway, here's the comment I left him:

    Mark - you're the man! To hell with critics. Critics are just non-doers. You're a 'doer'. How many people out there can sit back and talk about how 'good' or 'bad' books are? Now compare than number (whatever you think it may be) to how many people out there actually don't say anything but write books. I'm writing my first book now and I follow people like you because you give me inspiration and motivation. Stay positive, man. You just keep being you; what other people think of you is none of your business. You're the man.


    I'm telling you the same thing. You ARE the man (the woman)! Critics are non-doers who love to sit back and talk about what the doers are doing. Screw that. You know what? You're doing. Period. You are a producer, a creator, a woman who thinks for herself and acts on your thoughts. You, Nicole, are a writer. To hell with what anyone says about that. You have a goal (just like you said) and you are simply going to reach it. That's just how it's going to work. No other human being or life obstacle will take you away from that, and you know it. Because this is simply what you're doing.
    The more time people spend writing about someone else's project, the less time they're working on themselves. I mean, there's a whole world of us that follow your site and love it.
    You rock, and you're an inspiration to me and, I'm sure, many others. You know as well as I do that negative thoughts are things you want to hold on to - you only hold onto the thoughts that are going to take you closer to your goal (positivity, productivity, writing, loving what you write, your story, fantasy, being a writer, etc.). Everything else that enters the mind that does not match up with that, we let it roll on and go somewhere else.
    You're doing a great job. Keep it up. You're right at the finish line.

  4. Ahem - TYPO

    Negative thoughts are things you DO NOT want to hold on to...

  5. Enjoy your writing! Enjoy your blog! I'm with ya ;)

  6. My blog started out being pretty much about writing only, but I have found that the posts are more fun and you gain more followers by branching into other topics. Don't worry, you'll still have me as a follower :)

  7. Always keep it fun, Nicole! Don't ever give up what you enjoy either.

  8. Sound reasoning indeed! Your blog needs to scratch an itch that only you can feel! Those of us who choose to, will just come along for the ride! :)

  9. I think a persons got to do what a persons got to do! Someone once told me "if you're not having fun, then no one else will, either." I think it's true! So, try out something new, and see if you like it! I do have to say that I don't think writing about writing is terrible, but diversifying can be fun!

  10. That's a big fork!

    Nicole, your blog should always be something you can look forward to and benefit from. Having readers is nice, but not at the expense of your own enjoyment or progress.

    You're a great writer. You'll still have plenty of fans.

  11. Hello, Nicole. We've only just met, you and I. I completely agree with D.L. We have followed along because of what you bring to the table. Follow your heart and we'll follow you.
    Take care.


  12. @Rebecca E - Thanks Rebecca! Any encouragement and support is so appreciated!! :)

    @Theresa Suttles - I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one changing their blog and trying to rediscover the "fun" of blogging. Over the next few days I'm trying out some new posts and after preparing for a few of them, I'm already excited to see how this can evolve into something bigger. Good luck to you as well!

    @Levi - Thank you SO much for your comment!! That is one of the most inspirational comments I've read so far! By changing my blog, I hope to distill my own self-doubt and inspire myself to keep creating and moving myself forward! And I'm so glad that all my readers are still with me for this...and I've begun writing posts for the next few days and it is way less stressful. It will evolve of course and what it is in the beginning will evolve depending on reader reaction, but I feel better already about it. Thank you SO Much for your support. And I will check out that link you sent me!!

    @Hope - Thanks Hope!!

    @Samantha - I'm thinking the same thing! It's more fun if I can branch out a little and through this process I found a way to use some of my own writing and observations (that are just sitting there in notebooks with nowhere to go!) Thanks Samantha!! :)

    @Diane - That is for sure!!

    @DL - Thanks DL - the funny thing about "blog" itch-y-ness is that you never can figure out where it is until you find it. SO, I'm hoping to find out just where my blog needs to be ver time and I'm glad I've given myself permission to find out! :)

    @Lara- Very true! I don't think it's all bad, and I can't say that I will completely stop but I need to have more fun on my blog than I have been having. I've been overanalyzing too much and I tend to sink when I do that. :) So heres to having some fun this time around! :)

    @Josh - Seriously big fork, right??? Thanks for your support on this! I'm hoping that my future posts will still inspire but in a different way.

    @James - THanks James! And it's time to bring some new insight to this blogging table...and my focus for the remainder of this year will be creativity and building my creative spirit and I'm hoping that will inspire the same for my readers. :)


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