29 March 2012

Characters on the Bus

When I was a senior in college, I took the city bus to and from school and took notes on my observations.  And if you've ever taken the bus before, you will know that it is rich with characters and strange events, just waiting for a story to be told. So this post (and those that will follow after) are inspired by these trips.

Memorial Day Ceremony - North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial - May 31, 2010

At the front of the bus, sits the guy who stands every time the bus driver makes a stop and opens up the doors. I wonder if he does that out of respect or as a way of announcing his self-proclaimed authority on the bus. I wait to see if he starts saluting the people who get on next.

If You Disappear, I Will Sacrifice Myself To An Exoskeleton and Be Devoured By The Remaining Light

Nearby, I notice the guy who took several classes with me and takes the same same bus as I do who never remembers who I am. Maybe he works as a spy undercover and doesn't want his identity revealed.

Sheep Heid for Mum

Sitting beside me, I notice the lady who wears a wool hat every day on the bus no matter what the weather is like. Doesn't she know care that it's 90 degrees outside? Or is there more of a story there?

Sitting towards the back, a guy who takes a slurp of his drink and when he finishes his sip will say, "Arrgh, matey." Does he imagine he's on a pirate ship setting out to sail the seven seas? I didn't stare as he gets off the bus, but I'm certain he had one eye squinted with a corn cob pipe stuck in his mouth.

 And as the bus ride comes to an end, I can't help but over hear the conversation someone is having on their cell phone about inheriting a great deal of money. He could be a liar, but would he really want
to take that sort of risk by having this conversation on public transportation?

Now it's your turn - comment or write a post about the characters in your world right now or write a story or poem about one of the characters from mine.  Feel free to post your link below!


  1. Too cute, Nicole. I only had one character, but you'll know why after you read about it. :D

    1. I loved your character too by the way!!

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  3. I love the way you look at the people around you because I do the same. I work in a school and there are loads and loads of characters there all with fulll stories in my mind. I'll soon share the character series with all my followers and shall send you a link too.

  4. Nicole - this brought back memories! I rode the bus for about three years and it was a trip - goldmine for a writer. When my daughter was about 11, I made up a week's worth of bus adventures for us in the LA area - everyday we went somewhere new by bus. I didn't want her to grow up to be afraid of riding the bus. SO, that week riding the bus was extra interesting - like the day a guy jumped up, holding a pen, claiming it was a stink bomb that he was going to set off if the bus driver didn't do something about the noise! She and I still fondly remember that week. We called ourselves The Vagabond Bus Girls.

    PS - I remember the spy from my own bus travels.

    1. Ha ha ha!! I just love the stink bomb story!!! That is so great!! I would have died laughing if I had been on that bus ride. By the way I love what you called yourself, I could see that becoming a series! :)


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