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February 16, 2012
I am proud to say that I am taking part in a blog story hop, where writers take one story and each carry it forward in their own unique way.

Carrie K. Sorensen at Chasing Revery took part one, so make sure you read that before you read mine.

Read Part One - Kalli's Story, Week One

And here...ladies and gentleman of the part two.


House of haunted memories
Kalli shrugged, feeling a sudden resentment for the harsh words that Jenae delivered to her. She wanted to shove her headphones back in her ears and continue her march down the well kept street. She looked into the eyes of the girl she grew up with and realized then that her friend, Jenae, never knew what had happened.  She never knew the reason why she left in the first place.  Kalli knew it had to stay that way.

Kalli tried to laugh, but it came out as a gasp. “Anyways, how have you been?”

Jenae stared at Kalli, as if looking for answers in her face. “How have I been? One of our classmates died Kalli. Didn’t you hear about it?”

Kalli feigned surprise. “Are you kidding? How?”  Kalli felt warm in her leather jacket, too warm.  She wished for a breeze that would cool her down and take away the sweat that began to form on her forehead.
“You really don’t know?” Jenae softened. Kalli exhaled, knowing she had fooled her friend, but guilt rose to surface, taking the place of her nerves.  “It was Claire who died. And you know that house down the road? The one that was boarded off ? She was found inside…” Jenae leaned forward as if revealing a deep secret to Kalli. Kalli could smell the Justin Bieber perfume that Jenae had saved up for just months before. “….and there were brand new boards nailed on the door. They were saying that she scared herself to death. It was part of something people in our class were planning.” Jenae pulled back and examined Kalli further, staring at the torn jeans and cut hair. An appearance that she would never have seen before on Kalli. “Do you know anything about a dare or something like that?”

Kalli shook her head, reminding herself that the less she said, the more likely Jenae will never know that she was there that night.  That she had been part of the group to press against the door and ignore Claire’s cries to get out.  “I have to go.” Kalli whispered.

“You have to tell me what happened, Kalli. Why you look like this…”

Kalli turned, watching as a middle aged man in his boxers and stained white t-shirt come out of his garage, with a lawn mower following behind him. She watched as he put together the bag and started the mower. The noise of the mower ripped across Kalli’s ears and she jumped, remembering the night her parents found out what happened and how she took the scissors to her hair to disguise herself.   

Instead of walking away like she planned, she reached out to Jenae, and looped her arm around her friend’s. When Kalli started walking, Jenae did too. Without saying a word, the two walked in the direction of the house – the one Kalli had just sworn she knew nothing about. Soon, Jenae’s walk matched Kalli’s, and they marched to the sounds of the lawn mower and to the bass pounding in Kalli’s pocket.  “I’ll show you what happened.”

Here's the link to part three!


  1. Oh, I always loved those writing exercises where you'd start a story then pass it on to another. What a GREAT idea to do with blogs =)

    You're a good writer too!

  2. My kids and I have created some pretty "pass it on" stories. Fun idea to do it with a blog. I'm waiting to hear what happens!

  3. This is such an awesome idea to have one story written by several people. The difference in voices is unique and I'm really excited to read the rest.

  4. How cool is this?! I hadn't heard of a blog story hop before!!! VERY cool!

  5. What a great idea...Have read 1 & 2 and am looking forward to 3....

    By the way, thanks for popping by.

    I am just a story teller but I am honored that someone with as many followers as you would stop by my blog.
    Please check out some of my more popular posts for glimpse of my life. kt

  6. I like this - nice, clean writing. I also like the guy in the boxers with the lawnmower. Humor mixed in with a possible murder? Hmmmm. Thanks for having me.

  7. Oh, sorry, I also hit the follow button.


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