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January 27, 2012
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If you are reading this, it's possible I am completely distracting you from something.

Stop it right now.
Still with me?

Good for you!

So, I've been thinking about distractions lately and how easy it is (hang on I just got a text...................hehehehe) get completely distracted from what it is your doing (ooh, Facebook notification!)

I thought it was time to put together a list (yay! A new Twitter follower!) of the ways that you can prevent those pesty distractions (whoops, phone call.........) from getting your work done.

Dark Copy

So I found this site and I thought it would be a wonderful tool for those of us that don't get too distracted by the internet (so wouldn't just minimize the site and play around) and just want a blank space to write in. You visit the site and you immediately see that it's a black page with lime green text and a very miminalist info related screen. Very cool.

The nice thing is when you're done you can download it as a text file to upload elsewhere.

Check it out here -

One Page A Day

This site is great because all it asks for is one page. One page a day. (Hey, we can all manage that.)  And it actually sends you reminders!

All kinds of awesome-ness.

Log in with your Google Account and you will find your first page ready for you. And it appears like a basic type writer page, so again...very little distractions.

Focal Filter

Okay, time to get serious. Seriously.

This is the site you will want to use if you really, really need some help. This will actually block sites distracting sites and it isn't anything you have to download and it runs with every browser you like to use.

And you can add sites to it.

Check it out. Now:

You know you have a problem and it's time to do something about it.

Write or Die

Here's where it gets a little scary. How about having a program that will actually delete your work if you don't keep it up.

I know, that would get me writing too. Yikes.

You will give it a timer, and let it know whether you want the software to be strict or laid back.

Check it out here -

Cold Turkey

How about this - disabling those pesty sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Hotmail, Wikipedia, for however long you need it to and it even punishes you if you try to remove the software (you will be blocked for a week if you try.)

Yes, my distracted writers - we have Cold Turkey.

If you download this, you will not regret it. And if you's a site on how to remove that software:

Now...back to, I mean writing! Writing, of course. Ha ha...writing....ooh a funny cat video!


  1. When I have a block of time to write, I only use the internet to research something I need immediately for the story. I don't check FB or email. I usually just have my Word document open. I don't even answer the phone.

  2. WOW. I needed this intervention.

    I am going to check out all these sites. Thanks for posting them!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! This is very interesting!

  4. I prefer old school. Headphones and instrumental music turned up loud enough to drown out everything around me, including my phone. The only thing running on my computer is Word and the internet, so I can access Google or Wikipedia. Total concentration! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Perfect post. I sure needed it. Thanks for the links. But the cold turkey one? no, no, no - I could never, ever. lol You are so right. It is way to easy to get distracted.

  6. I use two different laptops, my older one strictly for writing and my newer one for websurfing or should I say research :-)

  7. Arhh hahaha you're so funny. Love the text getting smaller at the end there.

    I might have to do cold turkey *sigh*.

    Loving your work here and I wanted to show you my apprieciation by passing on a blog award to yous:

  8. So true!!! I haven't even started writing (well barely) the book that I know I have inside of me.... I think I'd need like a cold turkey or something but the thought of it terrifies me :(

    What to do...?



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