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January 3, 2012
I love notebooks.

All kinds.

And I buy them, even when I don't really need them. And you know what?  I don't even care! But, one day, I was on a hunt for notebooks...okay, I wasn't really looking for notebooks, I was looking for gift ideas and I happened to stumble upon some notebooks. And that inspire my idea to have a "Writer's Toolbox" post each Friday to share with you what I find that will be most helpful (or colorful, or fun) for your process as a writer.

And today, I have my top five notebooks you should buy today...because we all know how inspiring it is when we have a new notebook in hand...we just want to fill them up with fantastic thoughts, ideas, and stories, right?

Yup, me too.

Notebook #1

I'm dying to buy this notebook, because when I look it at, I just feel like something magical will happen. I found it on Etsy, and I'm trying to be good this year and reduce how much I, I am sharing this wonderful notebook with you, my dear writers:

You can buy this book (and the place that made this GILD Bookbinders, does make other designs!) here on Etsy. Click this link to buy this book (or find others like it!).

Notebook # 2

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was the best thing since sliced bread? Me too. I've totally had those ideas. And you know what? Here's some sliced bread you can write that idea on!

And you can buy sliced bread (one slice for each month!) at this link. (How inspiring is that, by the way? Doesn't that make you want to write a quirky, homey novel where the characters drink coffee and gossip with neighbors?)

Notebook # 3

I love sugar. I have a huge sweettooth, but I'm trying very hard to cut back. So, to help with that craving? How about a notebook...note made from trees...but from SUGAR. Yes, sugar fans, we have a notebook made from sugar.

On the store's site, they didn't say whether or not you could actually lick the notebook. But you know what? I sure as hell would try. Click this link to buy it!

Notebook # 4

We all know that our first drafts....well, they aren't the greatest. And God HELP us if those first drafts ever got in the hands of the wrong person. Because you know what warning sign we would put on there? Well...this notebook has exactly what I would say about that first draft:

 I mean, right? Isn't that the truth? I would buy this notebook for that warning label alone. Buy this notebook here!

Notebook # 5

After the holidays, I'm usually pretty tight on the cash flow. So, the idea of me buying a new iPad this time of year...isn't in the stars just yet. And I know it probably has some awesome tools for writers, but you know what? Here is a much...much...cheaper solution to all of that:

Oh my that is so cool. Talk about never having to worry about charging it! (I hate worrying about that too!) You can buy this cool notebook here!

So that's my last notebook to add to your writing toolbox! Do you buy any special notebook for you writing time? What can you recommend we take a look at?


  1. I absolutely loved the first book--I am a notebook freak too!

    The sugar one is okay, but I'm a chocoholic. I didn't dare go to se if they had a chocolate notebook... that would not be very productive at all!!!

    This was fun! Thanks for sharing(^;

  2. I absolutely loved the first book--I am a notebook freak too!

    The sugar one is okay, but I'm a chocoholic. I didn't dare go to se if they had a chocolate notebook... that would not be very productive at all!!!

    This was fun! Thanks for sharing(^;

  3. Note books are so fun to have. I never seem to use one from cover to cover, though. I should probably work on that.
    Best of wishes to you in 2012!

  4. @Lorelei - Thanks Lorelei!! I know, it would be a disaster if they had a chocolate flavored one. The whole writing thing would be last on the list. :) Thanks for reading!

    @Shelly - Thanks Shelly!!

    @Emily R. King - Me Either!!! I end going half way through - I figure it represents a change in "phase" so I need a new one. So, that gives me an excuse to get new ones.

  5. That Dream book is awesome! I want that.

  6. Very cool. I think they would make gifts for some of my writer friends, thanks Nicole for these great tips!
    I think I like the Dream one and the iNotePad. Paper products are always tempting me....

  7. Seriously cool, Nicole! they are quirky & fun just like you. Thank you for sharing these. I love your personality.

  8. My iPad is my notebook...and I love it, but I also carry around a non-descript notebook in my backpack for the "just in case" scenarios. :)

  9. These were fun to see. I actually have a notebook for journalling my dreams. I always try to pick out a special one.

    Cheers, Jenn.

  10. Nicole,

    These are great notebooks! I still like to write a lot of things on paper before typing it in. I do shorter pieces write on the computer, but I just love the feel of paper and pen. The pics of these products is great! The Dream Books is lovely, and really writers should keep dream journals. I just started one this year. If you don't write it down soon after waking, you probably will forget it or some of the details. Some dreams could make great stories! Nicole, thanks for all of your great ideas. You are really creative!

  11. I love notebooks as well! Just the feel of paper. I love these and will be on the lookout for one. Recently I stopped into a B&N with my iPad but imagine the looks I got from others as I whipped out a quill pen and bottle of ink to write in a notebook,.

  12. I am a journal junkie. And I MUST write in them with colored gel ink pens...preferably pink or purple. Yes, I have been 12 years old since 1959...

  13. @Kelly Hashway - Oh me too!!!!!

    @The Desert Rocks - I'm the same way! I always try to find a reason to get a notebook - it's an addiction! :)

    @Ms. Brooke - Thank yoU!!! I did find just the right ones, didn't I? :) Thank you!

    @DL Hammons - Yay! Good to hear you do carry around the notebooks still! :)

    @Jenn - Me too! I need to buy a new one for my dreams...I tend to forget, but I love writing them down!

    @Lena Winfrey Seder - Me too, paper and pen is way better and a much better connection to writing. Thank you for the compliment! I love finding things like this! :)

    @MSBjaneB - Good for you for taking out that pen and paper!!! I like writing short little ideas with my iPhone, but nothing more than that!! Good to know I'm not the only one who still handwrites stories! :)

    @Darlene - Ohhhh I love colored gel pens!!! Those are my favorite, although they run out of ink fast and it makes me want to break them in half as a result. :)

  14. I like number 1 The book of dreams. It's beautiful.

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