Writer Wednesday Blog Hop!

January 18, 2012
Hey there writers, it's been a busy week for me...and it's been a cold, cold January...it makes me want to stay inside and never come out...

Oh well...since I can't...let's get right on it, then!

We have the hoppin' doggie hopping with us today again! Yay!

And make sure you grab a Writer Wednesday Blog Hop Button made by Lacey D. Ferris, woo - thanks Lacey!

Here are the rules:

1) Follow your blog host (Me) (if you want to co-host, let me know if the comments! Or remind me that you want to!)
2) Follow at least three other blogs (if you post your link early, make sure you come back and check out the other blogs)
3) Let the person you followed know that you are following their blog
4) (Optional...sort of): Tweet about the blog hop! (Use hashtag #WWBH and #WW when you do!) - Thank you to all of you who have featured this hop on your site!! I really appreciate it!

And all you do is link up below! You can link up your writing site, your blog, your twitter account, or your facebook page. I'm flexible, and I know my other awesome hoppers are too. We're a cool bunch.

Let's get a'hoppin'!


  1. Thanks for organizing this. I enjoyed last week's hop.

  2. Keep it up every Wednesday! It something I can get used to. :)

    You always have interesting new sites to join!

  3. Nicole, you are amazing! You are always here every Wed. and have something new going on all the time! When I have more time, I'll try to join the blog hop, too and I look forward to reading my new posts, too. Enjoy hearing your thoughts. Take care!

  4. Hey Nicole, I'm not sure what hosting a blog hop entails, but I'm interested. :)

  5. @Kelly Hashway - Thanks for joining in!!! :)

    @Diane Carlisle - Thank you for keeping up with it!!

    @Lena Winfrey Seder - Thank you for reading my blog Lena!!

    @Heather Webb - Great!! IF you can, send me an email directly and I will get you the HTML code for the post (this Wednesday or next!)


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