Happy New Year (And Welcome Back Everyone!)

December 31, 2011

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 Wow, it's amazing...I think blog time is a LOT slower than real time, because even though I've been gone a week, it feels like I've been gone a MONTH.

Every now and then, I like to write a post that sort of centers me, my readers, and my goals for my blog (and even my writing!), and this is a post to bring us all back together and remind us, "Why are we here?" (Okay, not that big cosmic question we all want to know the answer too...but the much smaller question of why, you (and me), are here...on this blog.)

First, I have a huge, kind of cool announcement...I have recently rekindled a relationship with someone...we've been sort of on again, off again for a long time (ten years in fact). And we finally decided to try to make it work.

I've rekindled a relationship with my fantasy novel, "A Light Burns At Midnight" (what were you thinking I was talking about? Hee-hee-hee). Don't know what fantasy novel I'm talking about? Read this post...

I'm actually doing really well with it...I'm already working from Chapter 9, so I don't have to much more to do. But I'm handwriting the book (yes, it's a handwritten novel...don't ask, it's what I like to do with my first drafts), and that makes the writing is a little slow. But, my goal is that by the end of February, my book will be done. And then, by June, I want it edited. It's time I finish it. Even if it's just for me. I don't think I can grow as a writer without finishing it. It's a part of my writing history and I need to finish it.
My second goal? (And that's where you come in, my dear reader)

I want to completely recharge my blog. It's really easy for me to get bored with certain writing topics and then I just end up repeat myself a lot (I do love repeating stories though). And to fix that, here's what I plan on doing...

Monday Posts

I will be asking a question within several writing communities and social networking sites I'm on (my first one will be coming up this Monday, January 2nd) and it will be questions on our habits, behaviors, and lessons we have learned as writers. And you know what? I need your help! Like my Facebook page, follow me on Google Plus or my Twitter account, and keep your eye out for one of my blogging questions. If you answer, not only will I will quote you, but I will provide a link back to your blog (site or book) within my post. Isn't that great?

I'm doing this, because I know that even though writing is an isolated task, learning about writing doesn't have to be...and that's what I hope this new feature to my blog post will do. It's way for us all to learn together (not alone).

Wednesday Posts

As always, I will continue Writer Wednesday Blog Hop! And I really encourage you to do this, the more people who do, the better. We all gain new followers, meet new writers, and you get to promote your writing site. Want to know what a blog hop is? Read about it from my last hop!

Friday Posts

I will now be introducing a "Writer's Toolbox" feature on my Friday posts! There are a ton of resources online for us - some that we need (like resource to help us as we write) and some we don't necessarily need, but they are so much fun to have (like some adorable notebooks and other writing materials I have come across recently).
Basically, I want my blog to be fun and informative for writers everywhere, at all stages in their writing. I will, of course, throw in other posts to inspire and to also talk about what is going on in the writing world (like this one....and this one), but I really want this site to be a place you can find what you are looking for.
And I promise not to get overly obsessed with changing my blog design. I'm dying too. I just haven't settled with a new one yet (and if you know of any really good blog design sites, let me know.)

What are your writing (or blogging!) goals for next year?


  1. Congrats on rekindling your on-again-off-again relationship!
    Hope you have a great New Year & keep that wonderful "relationship" on track!
    See you around in 2012...

  2. Sounds like a good plan—will be back on Monday!


  3. I did the same thing with my blog and changed my design too. I just played with one of the Blogger templates. I think Wordpress has better designs but it's a lot of work to switch over.

  4. Your idea for Monday posts is great - it is fun and interactive! Have a great New Year!

  5. You had me going there with "the rekindled relationship." Best of luck finishing your novel and Happy New Year!

  6. Nicole I always love your site and all of your enthusiasm. My goal is to finally release my manuscript to my beta readers and possibly shop it around. I also have to revisit or reconnect with my fantasy/religious manuscript I gave up on a few years ago. Good luck and Happy New Year!!

  7. Great post Nicole, sounds like you're all hyped up to be productive this year! I like the blog hop idea, will check that out :)

    Wagging Tales

  8. My Gosh, Nicole! I really hope your "on again" relationship gets even better for 2012! I look forward to your progress. :)

    Happy New Year!

  9. My blogging goals are a bit different since I co-author my blog.

    My first goal would be NOT to miss any of my writing days.

    My second goal is to bring quality content.

    If I can stick to that--I'll be in good shape :)

    I'll be by on your goal days to read your work. :)

    Cheers, JENN

  10. @Mish - Thank you!! I hope we stay on track also! :) Happy New Year!

    @Mooderino - Yay! I hope you like my Monday post!

    @Tonja - It is so much work, I've heard! I'm not sure it's worth it, but I do occasionally find good templates with blogger...sometimes my complaint is people don't make use of the space for the webpage, and I want it bigger, but I don't know...I'll keep looking!

    @Lara Schiffbauer - Thank you!!! Happy New Year to you!

    @beachlover - Thanks!! You too!

    @The Desert Rocks - Oh good luck to you!! Good luck on rekindling the relationship with your fantasy novel! It's worth it! Good luck to you!

    @Charmaine Clancy - Yay, definitely come back for the blog hop! See you then!

    @Diane Carlisle - Thanks, I will keep you up-to-date on how that all works out! I'm hoping I make my deadline. I figured out that it will have to be a chapter a week from here and until the end of February...boy, I hope I can do it!

    @Aguilar Elliot - Thank you! I love it too!! :)

    @Jenn - Good luck on your goals!! Happy New Year!


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