15 November 2011

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop

Can you believe it?  I almost forgot! I've added a bit more to my plate these days (no, not that novel...wait till November 21st to hear about it...) but a couple of other blogging opportunities, so Wednesday came upon me all of a sudden!

It's my favorite time and yours! Writer Wednesday Blog Hop!

Just a few rules:

1) Follow your blog host (Me) and our Guest Host Kat from Sleeping Fascinator! Make sure you check out her blog and follow! (If you want to co-host, let me know in the comments)

2) Follow at least three other blogs

3) Leave a (good) comment on their blog (not just "Hi I'm From Writer Wednesday Blog Hop"...leave them something good! Or just do the best you can.)*Editor's Note -- Really, just do the best you can. If you can't today, try commenting another time! Really, it's just a way to let them know you are following them and that they can experience the blog love. :)

4) (Optional...sort of): Tweet about the blog hop! - Thank you to all of you who have featured this hop on your site!! I really appreciate it!

Now let's get hoppin'!


  1. I'm back - well sort of. I'm really busy again today so I'm sort of here and away this week. But I had a thought, since I always tweet for promo my own blog posts and for the hop... We should start/push a hashtag for this hop. What do you think?


  2. That sounds like a good idea! I know that "WW" is a hash tag we could probably use! I would love more followers of the blog hop!

  3. #WWBH maybe - keeps it short and easy.

  4. Thanks for doing this again! SO happy to have found Cranky Old Man! Hilarious!

  5. Oooh, I missed this one. :) Now I need some coffee and I'm going to sit back and read after having had a nice, healthy lunch! Mwahahahaah.

  6. I followed your blog, yay! But a recent email change has left me without a picture in anyone's sidebar. It's me from TWITTER. #me! #fromtwitter :D

    I'll try to remember this next Wednesday; great idea. :)


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