09 November 2011

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop

It's that time again! I hope your writing projects are going great. Mine is....well, let's just wait until next Friday, November 18th. I have a little confession to make at around that time.

So, stayin' positive and rockin' things out, right? Let's get a'linkin'!

Oh and our featured character - the horrified, running turkey - is back to join us!

And be sure to grab a hopping button too!

Special thanks to Lacey D Ferris for making it!

Just a few rules:

1) Follow your blog host (Me)

2) Follow at least three other blogs

3) Leave a (good) comment on their blog (not just "Hi I'm From Writer Wednesday Blog Hop"...leave them something good! Or just do the best you can.)*Editor's Note -- Really, just do the best you can. If you can't today, try commenting another time! Really, it's just a way to let them know you are following them and that they can experience the blog love. :)

4) (Optional...sort of): Tweet about the blog hop! - Thank you to all of you who have featured this hop on your site!! I really appreciate it!


  1. I'm sort of fond of that silly turkey! Hope things are going okay with your writing and now I'm interested to see what you're going to say on the 18th! LOL!


  2. I'm starting to really enjoy the weekly and monthly blog routines. Becoming part of my day sometimes, especially when it slows down at work! Keep blogging, Nicole. :)

  3. I'm here from Mrs. Marine and I'm here to tell you Hi! I'm your newest follower. Nice to meet you! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. New follower w/ FNB from the hop - hope you follow back. Cheryl http://hearttoheartathome.blogspot.com/


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