02 November 2011

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop

I'm so excited that I didn't forget this time! It will be a great hop I promise.

It's already been one day for National Novel Writing Month and as of Tuesday (November 1, 2011) at 5 pm, I haven't typed a word to a page. Mainly because I have been busier than I thought (I know, excuses excuses).

Ahh, let the guilt trip begin. (And furthermore, I have yet to respond to a few of your awesome comments; so I am getting a healthy dose of the guilt pill and it's barely day one.)

But that's okay! I will do a greater update when this month is over...and of course, this would be a GREAT time for me to direct your eyes to my "Guest Blog" button at the top of the screen. If you would like to Guest Blog for me, I would love it! Especially this month. So clicky-clicky!

So the Blog Hop!

If you are a regular - welcome back! If you're new - WELCOME! We're glad to have you! Take a seat, grab a cup of coffee/glass of wine (whichever your preference) and get a'hoppin...

Grab a hopping button too!

Special thanks to LD Ferris for making it!

Just a few rules:

1) Follow your blog host (Me) -- and our co-host Diane Carlisle

2) Follow at least three other blogs

3) Leave a (good) comment on their blog (not just "Hi I'm From Writer Wednesday Blog Hop"...leave them something good! Or just do the best you can.)*Editor's Note -- Really, just do the best you can. If you can't today, try commenting another time! Really, it's just a way to let them know you are following them and that they can experience the blog love. :)

4) (Optional...sort of): Tweet about the blog hop! - Thank you to all of you who have featured this hop on your site!! I really appreciate it!

Plus, let me know in the comment section if you want to co-host! And feel free to remind me if you have told me you want to blog hop guest host!


  1. I love your little turkey! I took your hopping dog last week cuz I thought he was so cute. :)

    And NO GUILT TRIPS! Everyone gets crazy busy, especially around the holidays. I'm impressed you've taken up the challenge alone!

    Yay! And good luck with it! :)

  2. Back again! Thanks again for the VB award - it was fun coming up with 15 other bloggers that I wanted to share it with...

    Another Writers Wednesday! Yay!


  3. I had so much fun the other week, I'm back for another hop! And thanks for being patient with me on all this blog stuff! You are amazing!

  4. Hi,
    New follower from the blog hop please comes follow me back :)

  5. @Cassie Mae - Thank you!! I have a confession to make about my experience with NaNo that I will post in a week or two!!! Eeks...I will definitely be eating crow. :)

    @LDFerris - Yay! Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

    @Lara Schiffbauer- I'm so glad!! Thank yoU!

    @Life,Twins,DramaQueen - THanks for following!


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