I Give You Permission To Quit

November 28, 2011
Today, I give you permission to give up.

I give you permission to throw in the towel.

To jog off the path, instead of towards the finish line.

To do what is expected. To do the bare minimum.

To not reach any higher.

To aim for the cellar door.

I give you permission to tell yourself that you're no good.

That you would probably not succeed anyway.

That it isn't worth trying.

That you really shouldn't bother at all.

That no one really likes what you have to say.

That you're a fraud. How dare you call yourself a writer?

I give you permission to not try anymore.

To make a dramatic exit. And not come back. Who needs us?

To get up and walk out.

I give you permission to blame. Point fingers. Throw a fit. Give up. Kick the dirt. Scream. Cry.

Say never again to this dumb dream of yours. Burn up the pages you have bled your heart and soul on.

I give you permission to give up your dream.

To pretend it doesn't even exist. To play the silent treatment. To break up with your dream. To divorce your dream. It's too much work anyways. Why would you even want to be a writer? There's too many out there anyways. Just give it up.

And then....

When it's all said and done.

After you have tired yourself out. And you're all done quitting.

Stand up...brush yourself off...dust off the grime, the negativity, the anger, the sadness, and wipe away that feeling of defeat. Wash away the awfulness and the horridness of giving up.

Begin to pick up the bits and pieces of hope. Finish that story. Pursue a new writing opportunity. Submit that novel once again. Start outlining a new idea.

And try again.

Do it anyway.

Go back and fight the good fight.

Do it for yourself. For your family. For that weird writer that you are reading the blog of right now. Yah, do it for her.

Do it for the stories you grew up reading as a child. Do it for your inner child.

Do it with tears of frustration streaming down your face. Do it with all the other needs and wants in your life. Do it even though it isn't happening fast enough. Do it even though it hurts more than it helps. Do it anyway.

I give you permission to quit today.

Just not tomorrow.


  1. I've already filled my quotient for the year. :)

  2. When things don't go with my writing, I do this often and just take a breather. It helps for the creative juices to get flowing too!

  3. My 'today' was yesterday. And 'tomorrow' is today. And I haven't given up :)

  4. I can't even remember how many times I've quit. yet here I am, still writing.

  5. I needed to hear this. thanks.. Boy is this amazing and how I feel at times...

    thanks for this..


    I don't think any writer has never quit. Even Stephen King quit and his wife saved his novel, Carey, from the trash and said pretty much the same thing...and look at how that turned out!
    Quitting is easy. The going on is hard. But think of it this way. Once you hit that wall, the only way is up...Bite the bullet and climb!

  7. My favorite quote of all time is by Winston Churchill:

    "Never quit!"

    I think about that every single day.

  8. I never knew I need permission to quit....But it's always time to pick yourself up, and start again.

  9. Yes! We can quit - but only for the day. Just imagine really quitting... No Way.

  10. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Lovely post! It highlights the tug-o'-war emotions experienced by most writers...

  12. @Freya Morris - Thank you! :)

    @DL Hammons - Good for you! :) I haven't quite fulfilled my quit quotient, so I'm trying to catch up before the end of the year. Heehee...

    @Ciss B - Yes, so true! Having a breather does help those creative juices. I love it!!

    @Cassie Mae - YAY! Good for you. Quit today, Start again tomorrow. :)

    @James Pailly - Good for you, as long as you keep going back, I say! I'm the same way, quit, but then get back on the "horse" again. Don't let it throw you off for good.

    @sylstein - I'm so glad that this helped you...it's exactly how I feel too sometimes. Thank you for reading!

    @Loreilei - THank you! :) Good point! I remember hearing that story about Stephen King! Isn't that awesome, too, to hear that? I love knowing the "greats" still felt like giving up. I think that's too cool.

    @E.R. King - Thanks!! :)

    @Nancy Thompson - Same here! I love that quote. Another one that is similar is something like, "Courage is the small quiet voice at the end of the day that says, "I'll try again tomorrow."" Too cool!!

    @Kat - yes you do!! Quit, but always start again tomorrow.

    @E.D. - No, I could never totally quit! Just for the day! :)

    @frugalmommieof2 - thank you for stopping by!! I'm checking out your blog now!!

    @Mish - Thanks Mish! So often I feel this tug of war, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! :)

  13. This was awesome! Sometimes we need to a day just to be weak, but like you said, tomorrow is another story. Nice blog!

  14. Always positive and such an inspiration, Nicole! :)

  15. Great layout, great message. We all have those days, weeks whatever. I once didn't write for months on end and it was not even on my mind. My life was far too busy and my mind far too scattered to concentrate. Once my life was sorted, kind of, I was back at it as though I had never stopped.

  16. I happen to do that almost every week, now.
    That is much better than before when I gave up writing for ten years, then two, and then it was down to months...
    And now... Weeks.
    I am improving but getting much older.
    Good Blog.
    I hope it makes the younger crowd think.

  17. You are SOOOO speaking my language :)

    GREAT Post!! (I need to print this and put this up on my desk!

    Cheers, Jenn

  18. Very inspiring Nicole and since I'm not doing NaNo, but I have put a deadline of January as my finish date this is the message I needed. Thanks!

  19. I feel like quitting at least once a week, but I keep going. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. I love it! We all need to hear this somedays.

  21. Totally awesome! This is so true. Thanks so much for sharing it on The Blog Entourage.:)

  22. Sometimes a negative is actually a positive.
    When things get tough on any topic, I have to remind myself that quitting is an option. That does help me continue on. It would be terrible if quitting was not one of my choices.


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