01 November 2011

I Can See What You're Doing

You're reading this blog post at work, aren't you? You should be working. But you're not. You're bored. Distracted. Waiting for the meeting to start. The next client to call. And your mind drifted to the internet. And you're trying to avoid the candy bowl that has been sitting out there, taunting you. Damn holidays.


You're reading this at home. The kids are finally taking a nap. Or doing their homework. And you've taken a break for yourself. You're husband/boyfriend/significant other/family member isn't asking you to do laundry, feed them, pay attention to them, find something for them. You're tired, cranky, had too much coffee, and want to take a bath, have a glass of wine, and finish that book/movie/show you've been meaning to see/read.


You're on your cell phone, aren't you? Squinting at the screen. You're on the bus, and you're trying to find some reason to avoid the eye contact of that weird guy sitting across from you who's been staring at you too long. Or you're in front of a red light or your sitting there, behind a traffic jam on the freeway, knowing you have nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. You're probably considering abandoning the car entirely and walking to your destination. Or ditching the bus, and freeing yourself from the confinement of public transportation.


Maybe you're in the bathroom. Or in a class. Or on the couch. At home. At work. At school. At the gym. In the grocery store line.

You've taken these few minutes of your life to read this blog post. To find out what I'm doing. To find out what I have to say.

And even though I appreciate it (really I do)...I just have one thing to say to you -

Write, you writer.

Close the internet page. Turn off the computer. Look up from your cell phone. Stand up and stretch if you have to (if you can).

Get that notebook out. You know the one. It's the one you bought that was meant to inspire you. Well get it. And get that pen too. Don't have one? Eye liner will work. (Fellas? Don't have a pen? Well, it's time to invest in good writing utensils. Or, if you happen to have eyeliner, that will work too. No judgment). Lean on your knee, the dashboard, the desk, the table, the back of the person standing in front of you.

And write.

No, don't think about it.

Just write.

Describe whats around you. What hear. What you smell. What people are saying. Start there. Start somewhere.

And just write.

And, yes, it's that simple.

No really, I mean it. Quit reading now and write.


  1. You certainly do have an active imagination! I got so caught up in all of these possible scenarios and when you switched your tune with the injunction to get writing, I almost did, until I remembered I am not a writer! I am here to read what you write and I certainly found myself swept up in your imaginary world.

  2. I wish i could... my break time is draining quickly and i will soon have to return to the kids running around and me having to clean up the stuff that I should have been doing this entire time. I hope that the peace will continue long enough for me to get some more posts read and comments made on some of these awesome new blogs I keep stumbling upon.

    Nice to meet you I am a new follower via the tuesday blog hop, very nice to meet you! www.mumfection.com

  3. Alright, alright allready, I'll write.

    Sheesh, what a nag!

    The Cranky Old Man

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Tigger Hop. :-)

    Great post! LOL!

    Please feel free to check out my blog and follow if you like at http://smartcentsreview.blogspot.com/
    And be sure to check back on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd. I am giving away a stunning pair of custom made earrings, valued at $25! :-)

  5. You are cute and funny too. Bye, I'm going to write.LOL

  6. okay sounds like a plan, I'll write, BTW many thanks for the award! I am grateful!

  7. Busted! Yes...I'm reading this at work. But I'm afraid the extent of my composing will have to be in this comment. You need to draw the line somewhere, right? Huh? :)

  8. I'm reading too, but only because I'm on blogger posting as well! :)

    Reading, writing, life...be in it!

  9. This is exactly the monologue that goes on in my head about 15 times a day! :) thanks!

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  12. I am a new follower and would love a follow back. Thank you.

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  13. @Desiree - That's so great!! I'm glad it inspired you!! Thank you for reading!

    @Eschelle - Thank you for stopping by! I hope you get your breather soon!

    @Joeh - Ha! That's better. :)

    @Smart Cents Review - Thank you!! :)

    @The Desert Rocks - Yay!! Thank you! :)

    @Rebecca E. - Thanks! You're Welcome, too!

    @DL Hammons - True. It's tough to draw the line sometimes, though, when it comes to that!! :)

    @Diane Carlisle - Oh, well that's different. :) Not quite as bad, then. Hehehe...thanks for reading!

    @Jessica Peters - Good to know I'm not alone!! Thank you for reading!

    @Kelsie - Thanks Kelsie!!


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