06 October 2011

Happy New Year!

No, no, I know what day it is. And no, I didn't accidentally post a scheduled blog post. But, this time of year always makes me think of the newness we usually associate with the New Year. So, 2012 may be just around the corner, but I am celebrating my new year now. With that said...

Okay, celebrations aside, you know why I think of this as the right time to celebrate the New Year?

Well, first of all, fall always has made me think of new beginnings, especially because around this time of year school usually starts, and its the end of summer time and that always signifies change. I remember being in school and every time the fall came around, it felt like there was hope and opportunity in the air. So, even though I am not preparing for a new school year this fall, that hope and excitement is still in the air. And today, I thought it would be a great time to talk about some resolutions.

Let's call this the...

New Fall Resolutions!

No, not "New Years Resolution"...it's the New Fall Resolutions.

And as you can see, I have been cleaning up around here in preparation for such a celebration.

First, notice the new blog design? Yes, I love it too. It's a bit more manageable, easier to load, and a tad more balanced. I still kept my cute little heart world button, so do grab this button and post it on your blog for some awesome new flair!

Second of all, I added a couple of new ways to follow me and my blog, which you may like a little better depending on how you usually like to read your favorite blogs --

Google Plus (Loving this new Social Networking Site! Find me on there and I promise I will try not to bother you with commentary about what I had for dinner last night...which was beans and rice in case you were wondering)

My Podcast (If you listen to podcasts and want to add me to your playlist, I have a great new way of you listening to the blog! Yes, it's a touch on the robotic side, but it's still a great way of keeping up with me in an "oh-so-fun" way.)

My App (I am SO excited about this little feature! If only I could get it to work. But, still, just download the BloApp application to your Android or iPhone and just search for this blog. It should be running normally soon...*crosses fingers* ...I hope.)

My Facebook Page (After a long debate about this, and several tweets and google plus questions, I finally decided that I did want to make a facebook page for my blog. So, just LIKE me, really, really LIKE me...and share me and my blog with your friends too...)

And the latest upon latest news...


Fourteen chapters...are...outlined. I am so proud of myself. It actually took longer than expected because the ending is a little iffy, as I sort of want the beginning to play out first. I do know what will happen, but I am leaving room for the characters to figure things out on their own and maybe even shake things up a bit (as characters don't always do as their told...).

Now...where was I? Oh, NEW FALL RESOLUTIONS.

And here's my resolution for this new fall...

1) Write a little bit each day to keep the Anti-Muse away (don't know about the Anti-Muse? You should! Read here to find out...)
I don't expect that I will be all that rigid on this one, especially on the weekends, but I want to write a little bit each day. Just a little bit of something each day will keep that writing muscle strong and healthy!

2) Keep a regular blogging schedule (and quit changing the damn design changes).

Tuesdays and Thursdays seem like the best days for me...and I resolve to have those be my blogging days. I am also very settled with my blog design...I think...no, I'm sure...yup, kinda sure. And I will not keep changing it on you. I may change the color scheme (maybe next month can be orange...) but that is it. I promise!

3) Submit my short story to a literary magazine by the end of the year

Okay, there is a short story I have been babying and I think it's almost ready to step out into the real world and find a new home. It's already ventured out into the world a few times but nothing felt like "home" to my little story. My story and I have been talking though and we both think it is very important to keep trying and stepping out to meet other short stories is very important to growing up to be a very healthy story.

Alright, one more time everybody!

Happy New Year!

So, my dear blogging readers, what are your New Fall Resolutions? Any new writing or blogging news on your end?


  1. Happy New Year too, Nicole. And good luck on your book :)

  2. Happy Fall Year! :) This made my day, it's so inspirational.

  3. Good luck with your resolutions! I also try to stick to blogging schedule, but it has a tendency to be very difficult. :-/

    Fickle Cattle

  4. @Shyxter - Thank you!!

    @Diane Carlisle - Yay! I'm so glad! Happy "Fall" Year to you too!

    @Fickle Cattle - Thank you! Good luck with your blog schedule!


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