18 October 2011

Don't Ever Give Up...Just Change Your Approach

Over the weekend and after my last blog post, I began to get extremely frustrated with the growth of my blog. And that led me to get frustrated with writing in general.

And that led to thoughts that ran like this...

Maybe I should just quit my blog. I mean, maybe it's doing more harm than good. Maybe I'll really have time to write.

[My Inner, More Darker Cynic Replies: Psh, Yah. You will only think of another excuse, you know. You won't write.]

That isn't true. I will write more!

[My Inner, More Darker Cynic Replies: Yah, and maybe you can quit writing in general. Wouldn't that make things more easy? You'll really have time then.]

Okay, maybe I won't quit blogging. But how come I feel like I am spinning my wheels here? How come I feel like this isn't doing a damn thing?

[My Inner, More Darker Cynic Replies: Because you are a crappy writer. Just give up.]

[My Inner Super Hero Replies: NO! Don't give up!]

(I figured that my inner super hero would look something like the PowerPuff Girls.)

As usual, my inner super hero came to my rescue and kicked my deep, more darker inner critic out of the way. So, I went online and I posted a question to Writer's Digest Community and also to Google Plus and got a ton of feedback.

And a lot of it spoke to...don't give up, try a new approach, or just...don't give up. I thought about it a bit more and I thought of the constant struggle most of us feel when we are writing and trying to "make it." I recently submitted a short story to a literary magazine and it is a story that has been rejected before. But I kept at rewriting it, and resubmitted it. And I hope this time, I am successful.

But, with us writers, it is so easy to just give up. Or maybe it isn't so easy. I don't know about you guys, but when I'm not writing, I get that feeling of leaving behind a friend. I can't quit. I can't give up.

So you know what? Don't give up. Don't give up even though your blog has less than 10 followers. Don't give up even though you don't have enough comments. Don't give up even though you haven't been published and you have been trying for years. Don't give up even though your friends have been published. Don't give up even when you don't have anything to write. Don't give up even when it seems dumn to even try.

And so today I kept writing. I'm inspired to write because I didn't give up. I came to my own rescue. I didn't give up my blog. And I'm sure as hell am not going to give up my stories. I will always be there for my writing self, even when she is down. I'm inspired to write because I know we are all trying to make it. I'm inspired to write because I don't want to disappoint myself.

And you know what? I did decide to take a new approach.

Wednesday, I want to bring all the writers together and promote my new Blog Hop, "Writers Wednesday Blog Hop." Just make sure to stop by Wednesday and link up. I want to connect the writer's into one quick, easy place. It's a way to promote your blog, gain new followers, follow some new people, and hopefully boost your spirits a bit.

Because you know what? You should never quit. Just change your approach. Put on different colored socks. Wake up earlier. Play hooky. Wear something you've never worn before. Create a blog hop. Take on a new story idea. Read a new book. Sit somewhere different.

Just don't quit.


  1. Way to turn a negative feeling into something positive! And not just for yourself, but for others too! I admire how you turned yourself around and funneled all the energy you experienced from the downs and ups to do something positive for the greater community.

    Kudos, and thanks :)

  2. Never,never,never, never give up.
    I think Churchill said that.

  3. Hi there, I am your newest follower via GFC, FB and Networked blogs stopping by from Couponing From Florida to Michigan via the Magical Mouse Schoolhouse Tiggerific Tuesday Blog Hop.


  4. Great post. We have all been there. It's hard to keep going when other blogs that post one random picture of their kid and say "Enjoying the sun" get 97 comments. Then others write a fantastic piece and it heartwarming, funny, and griping, and it goes un noticed.
    Hang in there and good luck with the hop tomorrow.

  5. You said it all. Keep it up. You can do it! :)

  6. Don't give up! Just when I was about to quit, my blog traffic started to pick up! But mostly I'm writing for myself because I love to write.

  7. Every writer should see this! It is so inspirational. Writing demands an overdose of patience and perseverance but as you so rightly say "No! Don't give up!" Great post!

  8. Sometimes I feel like giving up on my repeatedly rejected novels. There's a huge difference between knowing how to write and knowing how to write a novel. I'm not giving up either.


  9. Don't give up!! I am a new follower from the blog hop. Loved reading your post.

    Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilt

  10. Those bad, bad voices visit your head, too. Schwoo....I thought I was crazy or something.

  11. And remember to get laid, right? LOL :D

    I had to say it, sorry. *beams*

  12. I was feeling a bit frustrated last night about how my blog seems to get stuck and doesn't seem to grow anymore. But I reminded myself to focus more on the fact that I enjoy what I'm doing instead of wanting to get more followers, etc.

    I really enjoyed your post. It is very encouraging. Looking forward to your blog hop! :-)


  13. Nicole - you were one of my first Twitter friends and I faithfully read your posts via email - so I don't get here as often as I should. But I'm here to tell you that you must never, ever quit. You have it right with the change the color of your socks thing. Whatever it takes. Keep it up my friend.

  14. Nice post! I am sure we all struggle with this sometimes - quitting would be so easy, wouldn't it? But we can't and we won't! Just keep going!

  15. Sometimes I think we all need to just take a step back and we can look at every thing with a fresh eye.

  16. A break can do wonders to give us a break and a new perspective on our work.

  17. I agree that you shouldn't give up unless you don't like doing it, then it's not really giving up.

  18. @dbramhall - Thank you!! I try to do that as much as I can, but granted it isn't always easy! I hope everyone benefits from the blog hop tomorrow!

    @The Desert Rocks - Oh I love that quote! Thank you for reading!!

    @couponingfromFL2MI - yay!! Thank you for the follow!!

    @Debbie - oh that can be so frustrating! Sometimes seeing that is maddening!! Hopefully there is a benefit in the long run! Thank you for reading!!

    @Rebecca E - Thank you!

    @David Powers King - Yes!! I can!! (I hope...no, I can. For real, I can....yup...sure of it......) :)

    @Deb Claxton - oh that's so awesome!! A reward for keeping at it!!

    @Judy Haughton-James - THank you!! I really hope I have inspired others to keep at it!! It's worth it!
    THank you for reading!!

    @Joyce Lansky - Good for you! Don't ever give up! It's better to keep going and be proud of the journey!

    @Katie - Thank you!!

    @Shelly - I know, huh??? I get worried sometimes, too. :)

    @Diane Carlisle -- FOR SURE!!!!!!! HAa ha ha ha!!

    @Irene - Thank you for reading!! Good point, too! Just focus on what you really wanting, and just trying to gain followers doesn't get you much satisfactioN! That is a never ending battle!

    @Red Mojo Mama - Thank you for posting and reading!! I hope all is well with you!! It means a lot!

    @E.D. - Thank you! It's so tormenting that we can't even quit writing if we tried! But it's worth it to just keep going!!

    @Ruth - Good point! Stepping away sometimes can be so helpful too.

    @Stacy S. Jensen - Yes! I struggle with letting myself have a break (like it's bad or something) but I know it is so important so I don't get worn out with an idea.

    @Tonja - That's true! It doesn't count as giving up, it just counts as really knowing who you are! And that is VERY important!

  19. I've been where you are...and I'm still here. Yes, I've taken several extended vacations from blogging to clear the noise from my head and refocus, but it worked. Hang in there! :)

  20. Great post and very inspiring. I think we all feel this way in the blogosphere at some point.
    Just know on the other side of those fears, something great is waiting... so just hold on a little longer and don't give up. ;)


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