Why You Inspire Me

July 25, 2011
Yes, you. You fabulous inspiration, you.

So, why do you inspire me?

Well, let me tell you.

First, I’ve written long enough to know how important it is to surround myself with some type of writing community. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who have found it locally (no, me either), you should find one online.

And second, talking with writer’s, sharing our ideas, sharing our experiences, sharing our woes, sharing our successes, sharing our failures…all make it into a fabulous ball of inspiration. One I try to carry with me every day and bounce inside of my brain every now and then to get those creative juices going.

So today, I will share with you all the places that you fabulous writers have inspired me.

1) Writer’s Digest Community
This writing community constantly reminds me of why we should all keep trying and keep putting ourselves out there. It’s a mix of successful authors and author-hopefuls like me who can’t wait for that day that we will hear, “Yes.” Everyone is highly supportive and careful (as much as possible anyway) to not offend someone or crush someone’s dreams with their writing critiques. And this is inspiring. It’s free to join and easy to get involved…

2) Twitter
Twitter???? Yes, Twitter. Pick up that jaw. Whenever I read a tweet where someone says they are writing or that they have made progress in their novel…I just get inspired (or competitive…I tend to confuse the two). Are you on twitter and unsure of where the writers are? Just look for the hash tag #amwriting and you will find us. Not on Twitter yet? Well, get on it and follow me @BeingTheWriter. And feel free to ask me any questions about it.

3) Blogger
Having my own blog has been inspiring in its own way. Something about having followers and readers and knowing that these people are reading my blog and want me to write something for them. Something good, of course. But write something.  And when the comments come in…ah, I just get even more inspired. And then those other blogs! The one’s that I follow where writers are talking about their life, or their writing progress, or latest creations. That inspires me. Not started a blog yet? Start one. Not much of a “commenter”? Comment! It’s inspiring, it really is. Don’t follow many writing blogs? Follow one (just check out my profile and the blogs that I follow if you need ideas).

4) Google Plus
It’s so new, how can it be inspiring already? Well, it is. I promise. I have discovered so many writers on there already and it’s already inspiring me. Just think of it like Twitter with more characters. I can promise you that if you treat this like FaceBook, you will not enjoy Google Plus as much.  On Google Plus already and haven’t found those fabulous writer’s yet? Find me and you’ll also find a ton of writer’s that I follow. Or just start here Poets and Writers on Google Plus. Not on Google Plus? Send me an email or post your email address and I’ll send you an invite. I’m just inspiring like that.

….ah, don’t you just feel inspirational? Yes, you should, you inspiration, you.

I know this is just the tip of the Iceberg, but it’s quite an inspirational list. My inspiration to write today came from the writing world I interact with everyday online.  Just talking about writing inspires me, and these communities I have found are inspirational just for that reason. Today, find your writing community. Or share yours with us. We all love inspiration. We all need those people you can talk about writing with that don’t look at you like you are out your mind.  Because…well…we are weird bunch, aren’t we?

Okay, maybe not that weird.  Although when you think about it…


  1. Great post and I agree the inspiration is wonderful but it keeps me on my computer too much sometimes!

  2. Great list of places to go to for inspiration. Thanks for linking up with the NOBH! :)

  3. I have connected with many inspirational people on twitter. Guess I should give Google + a try!

  4. I love Twitter. It beats the pants off FB, IMO. I haven't quite gotten into Google+ yet, mostly because there doesn't seem to be much happening there yet that isn't already being posted on FB and Twitter. But I love the format and the interface. I look forward to great things from it!

  5. @The Desert Rocks - Me too by the way!! It does keep me on the computer too much. I need to buy another laptop with no games or Internet connection. Or maybe a typewriter or something. :)

    @Our Homeschool Reviews - Thanks!!

    @Sarah - you should!! It's a great addition! Let me know if you need an invite!

    @K.M. Weiland - Yes - Twitter definitely beats out Facebook!! I've been using Google plus more like I do Twitter - connecting with a slew of writers. I've noticed that I get quicker responses on Google Plus, than Twitter. But on Twitter, there's more commentary. So I guess it's a balance!


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