18 July 2011

Finding “The One” (or My Niche or Nook & Cranny)

It took me a long time to realize that I was spelling “niche” the wrong way. I wanted the word to be spelled the way I said it: nitch. But it isn’t spelled that way, because it’s spelled like this: niche. Now, I’m wondering whether I am even saying it the right way. One step at a time of course.

Starting this blog has made me think of this word, especially after I read the blog post called, “Just Focus” at Julie's Writing Grove: Just Focus. At the end of the post she talks about the importance of finding a focus for her blog and for her writing. And she’s right, too. With most blogs, you will find a common theme. With mine, if you read through enough of my postings, you will notice that I talk about what inspires me to write. Other bloggers keep you up to date with their writing activities. Some bloggers regularly update their readers with poetry and writing excerpts.

But, really I didn’t start out thinking I’d even find my “niche” in blogging. I started this blog thinking I’d run out of things to say if I  focused on a particular topic….But it turns out though I’ve learned something about blogging….

…and here it is…

…..you ready? ‘Cause it’s a good one…

…..I’ve learned that by focusing on a particular theme or subject that I am actually more inspired to write for my blog. How weird is that?

With every blog post, I think to myself, “What inspired me to write?”  And I am actually thinking of more posts with this “niche” than if I kept myself open to posting about anything.

The funny thing is though I have not yet found my “niche” with writing. When it comes to the fiction I write, I’m all over the place….horror, humor, mystery, literary fiction…short stories, long novels, poetry. I really haven’t discovered my niche yet. You know…that area you feel your best in. Your nook and cranny in the world…

And the writing world is just filled with tons of nooks and crannies for a writer to find a home in. The most successful writers I know have found their “nook and cranny.” Or their “niche.” Stephen King? Horror. J.K. Rowling? Fantasy. John Grisham? Thriller. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss? Romance.  Michelle Richmond? Literary Fiction.

Those are all fiction authors that I really look up to that have found their niche…their nook and cranny in the world of writing. I found my niche for my blog. I need to find mine for my fiction writing. I feel like I’m close, though, and I feel like one day I will find something that just clicks with me and writing in that niche, in that nook, will feel easy and good.

Sort of like finding the right guy to marry. It will just feel right one day and I wouldn’t even be able to explain it. “How did you know?” Someone will ask me. “I just knew.” I will say in response.

My inspiration to write today came from the hope that one day I will find the “one”….my “niche”….my “nook and cranny”…in the writing world. Today, find yours.

Or maybe I should just stop watching television.


  1. Since you don't have a niche you can call yourself a prolific writer. They do exist. I am one.

  2. My character drove everything. I loved writing her. I didn't know where she was going but it was right where she belonged. I just sat back and let her drive. Of course, now I have trouble explaining that my book is a romantic adventure with a touch of paranormal. LOL

  3. Cool! so many nooks and crannys you are right. HOpe you find yours... and have fun on the way. xx

  4. Great post. Maybe your niche is simply your voice.

  5. Being neither a writer, nor a would-be one, I'm unable to comment on how one goes about deciding with which genre one feels most comfortably 'at home' but I did enjoy reading this post and and watching you try on different writer's costumes. I guess while you're still young and experimenting, that's the way you'll find out what feels best. I'm sure the main emphasis should be on having fun along the way, otherwise why write at all? It should be a passion that you are driven to pursue, regardless of the eventual outcome? Just allow your own voice to be heard above the myriad other voices out there :)

  6. I think it is tough to find your niche, unless it is something you already have a great passion for. Right now, my blog is my voice for the things that I might not say otherwise. I am also working on developing a style.
    Thanks for writing this post, it definitely helps me understand that I am not alone, but the task can be mastered. :)

  7. Nicole,
    What a fabulous blog you have. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm going to subscribe to your feed & circle you on G+ ;-)

  8. @shelly - That's not a bad idea! I may end up calling myself that...maybe not having a particular "niche" isn't a bad thing!

    @Red Mojo Mama - oh that's perfect to have a character that drives you like that!! That can be everything!! And it takes a dynamic, well-developed character to do that, too. So, Kudos! And hey the romantic adventure with a touch of paranormal sounds interesting to me!

    @Michelle - Thanks!! :)

    @Fi - That's actually not a bad idea. Maybe my "voice" can be my niche. I'd say it has the tendency to be the strongest feature of my best writing...

    @Desiree - Yes!! Having fun along the way - I'm somewhat of a competitive spirit, so I hate when fun is overcome by my desire to WIN. :) But you are right, maybe experimenting is just part of the process!

    @Optimistic Mom - I'm glad I'm not alone!! I guess it's good that at least my common thread is that I have a passion for telling a story, I'm just not sure what. :)

    @Evelyn - Thank you for the compliment! I enjoyed your blog, too! (And I'll look for you on G+!) I actually commented on another post of yours but my screen refreshed for some reason and it went away! So, I'll try again on that tomorrow...ha ha...

  9. Hi Nicole,

    I'd say don't stress about finding your niche. While it seems like each famous writer only has one niche, sometimes they write another genre under a pen name. Stephen King, for example (one of my faves), also writes a fantasy series as well as horror novels.

    For me, finding a niche in writing has been a bit easier, since there's certain genres I really don't care for (poetry, memoirs, autobiographies, most fantasy and science fiction etc). I write what I most love reading -- non-fiction and magazine articles.

    Start with that. If you had to pick one or two genres as your absolute favourites, what would they be?


  10. Very interesting thoughts.
    New follower from Tiggerific Tuesday.

  11. Just when I thought I was talking to myself, I discover that one of my posts spoke to someone. Thank you. It is so encouraging to see that something that I wrote from the heart has touched someone. This post expands onwhat I was thinking most wonderfully. Yes you will find your niche.

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  14. Now you have me wondering what my theme is... I guess it would be "married life in New Orleans".... Lol. I love to write about life with my hubby and I love New Orleans (right now I have a challenge going on, see today's post)..

    Visiting from SITS

  15. I have been writing non-fiction for 3 books now and all I ever wanted to be was a fiction writer. Someday the tragedies will stop...

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  17. @ Becks and the City - good point! And I completely forgot about the fantasy novel that Stephen King wrote! So I guess we shouldn't feel as though we have to have a niche! Hmm...my favorite genres? I would have to say that I love mystery, horror, and literary fiction. Maybe I could write a combination of the three. It would be interesting, to say the least! :) Thank you so much for your feedback!!

    @Grandma Bonnie - thank you for the follow and the comment!! I'm following you also!

    @Jewelee - thank you for the comment! I'm so glad that you liked how I expanded on your blog post! (And you are definitely not talking to yourself! :))

    @Salma @ Chasing Rainbow - thank you!

    @Blog Links - thank you for the button! I feel so official now. :)

  18. @Aleta - I think that's a great niche!!! :) Interesting!! By the way, the design of your site is just beautiful!

    @doreen - I couldn't help but laugh! But you are so true!! How funny the very thing we would love to be good at, we end up being very successful at something else! How tormenting is that?? :) It's good to know I'm not alone! :)

    @Mizzreviewlady - following you now! Thank you for the follow and the comment!

  19. Hi! Best of luck settling on your niche! I am a new follower from Follow Friday hop! So glad I found your blog! Please stop by http://aboutamom.com to say hi & return follow! :)


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