Waiting On Inspiration - A Bus that Almost Never Shows

June 28, 2011

My 2019 Update: I wrote this post to highlight how it feels to look for inspiration when trying to write. Since this post first launched, I have learned you can't find inspiration by waiting. You often have to force the words out. Every now and then though, the light bulb turns on and the creative engine moves forward. Happy writing! 

You know the feeling...you are staring at the blank computer screen. The blinking icon waiting for you to just start typing. A sentence goes out on the paper. Really, it's nothing though. You aren't excited about this stupid sentence. So, you go back and delete it. You'll start over.

But, wait. You need some inspiration. You needed this to be the time of day that you wrote, and the funny thing is, you never planned on what type of music you would listen to. So, you open up your media player. It freezes.  You have to shut down your computer, and in the meantime, you make a list of the type of music that best fits that hideous sentence you just deleted.

Ah, there we go. The computer's back on. The music starts and nothing you have matches the mood. So, you Google "Best Scary Music." You go the first link and find something you think would work. Remembering a friend of yours told you about Pandora. You spend a few minutes creating an account and figuring out your password.

Finally, the music starts...

...you start at the blank screen. The cursor mocks you.

No, the music wasn't inspirational enough. So, you go onto YouTube and look up "Inspirational Videos." Pretty lame stuff until you finally see one..."40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes."

Okay, that looks pretty cool. You watch it. You feel inspired...

...that looked pretty easy! How did that person get so many views on something that you could do?

You wonder how he was able to get all those movie clips...

Time to Google it.

...Meanwhile, the cursor blinks in mocking anticipation.

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Welcome to My Blog!

June 22, 2011
"Oh no, another blog!" I know that's what your thinking! And yes, it's true! I have finally decided to be one of the many people who have a blog. My purpose in having this blog is to show off my imagination and creative self and also get myself in the habit of writing regularly. It seems like by having this blog and posting weekly will keep me up to date with writing and everything else I am tryin out that's creative. These days I am trying to maintain my motivation to complete my short stories I have yet to complete, a novel that I still need to develop, video poetry projects that I have just begun to explore...all the while looking for a job (a girl's gotta make a living, right?) My goal is to write a blog post once a week talking about these projects and letting you know how I have done maintaining the balance between my creative self and job hunting. I hope as I share my imagination, mind and personality, you share yours as well. So please feel free to join in on the conversation. Let me just say...welcome to my world of imagination...
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