Make Money With Affiliate Programs

This post does contain some affiliate referral links where I will receive a small bonus if you sign up with these programs from my link.

It's simple enough to make money with affiliate programs. I highly recommend before signing up with any of these programs that you have a blog for at least three months and you blog once a week. If you have a blog any newer than that you run the risk of getting your application rejected.

Also, I have signed up with ShareASale, which is an easy to manage affiliate network where you sign up to work with specific merchants and promote their product, etc. Sign up with ShareASale here.

So, the way I've made money through blogs is through bonus posts! About once a month (maybe more, maybe less), affiliates you have signed up with will send out newsletters asking you to write a post based on content they provide (or simply include a banner to your blog or website). Then you report your post and usually by the end of the month, they will apply the $5 (or $10) to your account. $5 or $10 don't sound like very much, but they add up. Over the last 4 or 5 months, I've earned about $110 doing this! (With ShareASale, you must earn over $50 to "cash out" (which means the money is sent to your bank account, or they send you a check, etc).

All of the programs listed below are affiliate programs that have sent bonus post opportunities to me. If I've missed any, let me know in the comments and I will add it!

Warby Parker









Mabel's Labels



Char at Madison Reed


Stella and Dot

Cellz Group



Wyzant - Join Now!


  1. Hello there, thanks for the info. I'd like to know if I can mix these affiliate programs with Google Adesense.

    Thanks a lot!

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