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I have listed a ton of websites for you to find real writing and blogging work as well as earn money with your own blog. I also recommend affiliate programs as a way to earn extra cash (find out more here).

(List updated as of 8/31/2014)

Type: Sponsored Posts
What You Do: Write posts on your blog - usually up to three or four for each campaign.
What I Think: This is an excellent program. You get paid quickly too. The main downside is that there aren't too many campaigns and they are very particular with who they allow in each program. But if you do get in, it will be worth it!
Click here to sign up for Triberr (or if you are already a member of Triberr, simply sign in and click on the "campaign" tab to find out more)

Freelance Writing Jobs
Type: Permanent, Temporary, Full Time or Part Time Telecommuting or Local Jobs
What You Do: You apply to jobs like a regular job site.
What I Think: This is one of the newer sites I found and there are a few jobs in here that are part time or telecommuting that are worth going for.
Click here for the latest job postings.

Warrior Forum
Type: Writing, Blogging, Reviewer-Based, SEO focused jobs
What You Do: You apply to jobs/requests for hires posted on the job forum.
What I Think: This is one of those sites that really require certain skills. I have found one or two I could apply to, but this hasn't happened often. You can only read through the first page unless you are a member.
Click here for the latest job postings.

Type: Writing, Blogging, Editing, etc. Jobs
What You Do: You are applying for permanent, long term, short term, or contract based positions.  Many of these are found on Craigslist or on the ProBlogger job board. Some are unique positions posted only through the website.
What I Think: Aside from the fact that many are cross posted jobs, I have applied for several opportunities found through this site. The only downside is that some cross posted jobs are pretty dated (a month or two old).
Click here for the latest job postings.

Freelance Writing Gigs
Type: Writing, Blogging, Editing, etc. Jobs
What You Do: You are applying for permanent, long term, short term, or contract positions, most of which are found through ads.
What I Think: I find a lot of real jobs through this site. I think for anyone breaking out into freelance work this is a great place to start. Also, the Craigslist jobs they post are usually telecommuting only and always very recent. Only a few jobs end up being removed from craigslist.
Updated Review 2014: I find recently they don't post as many opportunities and mostly write advice based articles, but it's still worth looking at.
Click here for the latest jobs posted. Classifieds
Type: Call for Submissions
What You Do: You are basically following through with various calls for creative submissions - submit your piece, and (hopefully) get published.
What I Think: This site is one of the best in listing magazines and literary anthologies looking for creative submissions - non-fiction, poetry, fiction, short story, flash fiction, etc. are featured here.
Click here for the latest call for submissions.

Blogging Pro
Type: Writing, Blogging, Editing, etc. Jobs
What You Do: You are applying for ongoing writing, blogging, editing, etc. jobs with this website so there are a wide variety of opportunities to find here.
What I Think: I personally think this is one of the best sites I've seen for opportunities for writers. This site means serious business and if you are trying to make writing your "day job" this is the place to start.
Find the Latest Jobs Here

The Sits Girls
Type: Write posts, get money
What You Do: Sign up to find out abut blogging campaigns and you could be selected to write a sponsored posts.
What I Think: By far, my favorite program and I have received some amazing opportunities through them. They provide a fantastic community, blog support and information, and one of the best places for female bloggers.
Updated Review 2014: They changed the ways they offer paid writing posts and to me, there have higher expectations for the amount of traffic your blog and social networks get. 
Sign Up Here

Type: Product Reviews,  Book Reviews, Ad Placements, Blog Articles
What You Do: Apply for a Bloggers account, and provide your stat information (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Alexa Rank), and sign up for blog campaigns.
What I Think: I have found some cool books and products on here, and I have also found writing jobs on here recently.
Apply Here
Type: Send out tweets and other posts on behalf of sponsors
What You Do: You "bid" on certain projects to earn money through tweets and other promotions.
What I Think: I've only done just a couple of campaigns and you get a little bit of cash. This doesn't come around often at all, and you have to make an active effort to look at the website to "bid" for projects.
Apply Here
Type: Write blog posts, earn money
What You Do: Apply for campaigns and follow instructions to promote company or product.
What I Think: So far I haven't gotten a campaign through them, but I'm patient enough to keep waiting.
Sign Up Here

Clever Girls
Type: Earn money through sponsored posts.
What You Do: Apply for campaigns and earn money through reviews and posts you write.
What I Think: I have been with this program for two years and just recently got a project for them! It is worth the wait, just stick with your blog niche and sign up for the ones you think match best.
Apply Here
(Similar to Clever Girls - Double Duty  Divas, SheSpeaks, Global Influence Network, Bloggers Required (mostly UK opportunities).)

Funds For Writers
Type: Leads to actual writing jobs
What You Do: Simply sign up for the newsletter and receive weekly notifications about writing contests and writing jobs that will pay.
What I Think: I think the opportunities on here are great and it saves a lot of time having to seek these out myself.
Updated Review 2014: I think this is still a valid newsletter to sign up for and a fantastic way to find publishers, writing opps, and even grants.
Sign Up Here

Jobs for Bloggers/Writers
Type: Long Term/Short Term Paid (or Unpaid) Blogging/Writing Gigs
What You Do: Check out the writing jobs posted here and you could find a long term writing job that could pay decently.
What I Think: I have found very good writing jobs through this site, and I think any writer or blogger need to have on their internet bookmarks.
Check Out The Latest Jobs

Want to earn money through affiliate programs? I've written a post on how I've earned cash through affiliate programs, so read more here.

Have I missed anything? Leave a comment below of a paid writing, blogging, or social networking opportunities and I will provide a link to it above!

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links of which I will receive compensation if you sign up. All of the sites above though I have direct experience with and none of which are spam.


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