06 December 2014

Getting That Story Back [A Computer Crash Success Story]

For those of you who have been with me for the long haul, I wonder if you recall the dreaded day my computer crashed. Let me tell you how awful that day was, especially because I'm not the type to back up my files. (Yes, I learned my lesson,)

I probably would have been MORE devastated had I not been such a devoted handwriter. But still, I felt the loss.

It's been over two years since the loss of that laptop and I do have a new one that I've been using. For a long time that old laptop sat at the bottom of my closet floor. I kept thinking one day I would take it in somewhere and have someone recover the files, but I never did.

Well, until the very last day of my Thanksgiving break, I decided to take the laptop out and try to recover them myself. And ladies and gentleman, it worked. Well, for the most part. I recovered some notes I took from my fantasy novel, mostly music, and a couple of other files. That wasn't my huge Eureka moment. My huge EUREKA moment happened when I recovered files off an old flash drive.

That's when the goods returned. I discovered old stories, poetry, notes, and other ides. This was a goldmine of creative writing. It's like a retrieved a part of myself.

My next task at hand is to print these stories out for safekeeping and for rewriting sake.

If you want to recover files of your own, in case you are curious, I used EaseUS Data Recovery for my flashdrive and Recuva for my laptop. Recuva gets installed on a flashdrive and you load it onto the computer from where you want files uncovered.

I can proudly say - Nicole: 1 Technology: 0.



  1. I have to say, that through my technological career of being mostly illiterate and frustrated at all things computer, I have learned to be suspicious that any electronic device will safely hold my digital treasures. Everything of value gets saved and then double saved in multiple formats, and I still don't trust them!

    1. YES! Definitely! I learned my lesson. Technology can be a vicious beast and craves creative work. It lives off the stuff!

  2. Awesome! That is something to take note of indeed, especially for budding writers who are still struggling with simply keeping hold of their material. It's always better to consolidate the data that we produce and muster for our purposes, right? Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Lillian Walker @ Taylor Works

    1. YES! Always good to keep what you have, as much as you can! You never know when it will inspire you later!


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