27 May 2013

The Most Difficult Thing in the World for a Bookworm

Today I did something that I haven't done...well, ever.

I gave books away.

I made this okay for me on several levels. First, it's going to a good cause (I donated to Goodwill!). Second, these books I haven't actually finished before.

Does anyone else have a really hard time letting go of books?

Anyways, on a positive note, I have a few books on my "to buy/to get from the library" list that I am planning on getting soon.

1) UnSouled by Neal Shusterman - The Unwind Series Book # 3

If you haven't read this series, you should. It's about a world where abortion is banned, but what is in it's place is the ability for parents to "unwind" their children if they so choose. It isn't considered murder because all the parts of the body are being reused. It's creepy, and I've never felt so much for a series in a long time. 

2) Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

Okay, I had a hard time getting a cover shot of this, but this book caught me because it's about a writer's retreat gone very very wrong. I can totally see this happening to me.

3) The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

This came up on a list of extremely scary books. In short, this book is about these characters seeing ghosts. Cool and scary? Oh, I think so.

4) The Terror by Dan Simmons

Right around the corner is summer, and what better reminder about our past chilly, freezing weather than a book about the cold and people getting trapped in it. I think this is probably one of those beach reads I keep hearing about, right?

5) The Uninvited Guest by Troy Aaron Ratliff

I have this fantasy about crashing in on some tech industry party to get all the freebies that I know are out there. Or maybe even a wedding or two. I'm sure thought that if I did - something like this would happen to me. More than likely, the evening would end and at some point, I'd be in fear for my life like these characters.

What books are on your "must read" list? What books have you given away?


  1. I tend to giveaway books that I've read at least twice and don't want to read again. The decision is usually a hard one. I donated my old nursing school books (copyright 1970)to a college as research as compare contrast. Actually they contained a lot of seat of your pants know how without all the new fangled equipment to do the work.

    Currently I have a long TBR pile but mainly my must reads are about stroke recovery.

  2. Your nursing books must have been greatly appreciated!!


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